More Nintendo Leaks: Pokemon Emerald source code + game map viewer, Wii Startup Disc dump, proposal for a portable GameCube & more!

Recently, Nintendo consoles and their games have been in the headlines again with EggNS, a dodgy Switch emulator for Android, earlier this week and a plethora of leaks a couple of hours ago. These leaks, which come from 4chan, contain various bits from Nintendo’s past that fans will surely want to take a look at including Pokemon Emerald source code, a game map viewer for it and much more!

Nintendo stuff leaks on 4chan…. again!

Apparently, Luigi was originally intended to be included in Super Mario 64 perhaps a co-op character but he didn’t make the cut! (Source)

Back in July, a good deal of Nintendo-related stuff was leaked online including the source code for various popular games, some game prototypes together with development repositories for Enasta (official DS emulator), the GBA BIOS, the Gameboy Colour’s Boot ROM and much more. Among these, one could find the source code to Super Mario 64, that also included a Luigi model, which has since been ported natively to various platforms including PCs, the PSVita, the Switch and many others.

Now, Nintendo has suffered yet another leak with more stuff from the last decade seeing the light of day. Similar to previous leaks, these leaks surfaced on 4chan and come with some interesting revelations on some of Nintendo’s plans in the past which were eventually scrapped as seen in the following section.

The contents of the leaks

From a nicely done textual compilation of the leaks by Reddit user ‘GlaDOS_Aperture’, the leaks that occurred in the last few hours include the following things:

  • Source code for Pokemon Emerald, a 2004/2005 game for the GameBoy Advance, together with a game map viewer
  • A dump of the Wii Startup Disc which contains a firmware update for very early Wii consoles which didn’t ship with complete system software
    More Nintendo Leaks: Pokemon Emerald source code + game map viewer, Wii Startup Disc dump, proposal for a portable GameCube & more!

    Together with Pokemon Emerald’s Source Code, pokeviewer has also been leaked which allows one to view the game’s maps! (source)

    • The Wii Startup Disc was used in various retail outlets demoing the Wii but very few people bought a Wii console that required it to actually work with the disc itself never or very rarely being shipped in a retail box
    • The hunt for it has been going on for over a decade but now, we finally have a dump together with a video of it running on real hardware!
  • A proposal for a portable GameCube console that can connect to a TV via a dock similar to the Nintendo Switch
    • Apparently, the dock was to include GameCube controller ports, AV Out, an optional TV tuner & MPEG4 Encoder together with SD Card and a GameCube Memory Card slot
  • Yet another proposal but this for a game console codenamed ‘Tako’ which was meant to be the GameCube’s successor. Performance-wise, there are claims of it being as powerful as the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 but as we all know, Nintendo went with the less-powerful Wii instead


For more information on the leaks, you may head over to the Reddit thread linked below which comes with some discussion and further information on the leaks. Obviously, no links to leaked files will be provided here but a few internet searches will probably find you something!

Reddit Thread on September 2 Leaks: