[PC] How to format a flash drive or microSD for PSVITA, SWITCH, PS3 or PS4 in FAT32R

 AUG 29, 2020


  • A windows pc
  • A flash drive or microSD
  • The rufus program to be installed on PC


  • In the modding environment, we all need to format PEN DRIVE / MICRO SD in FAT32 and we were forced to search on the net for native programs or 3dparty that might not have been free (myself included). The ease with which to find free tools in user friendly environments is increasingly difficult, without considering that when you need it it is never at hand.
  • RUFUS is the tool that corresponds to your needs and then it’s free.
    Formatting PEN DRIVE / Micro SD in FAT 32 is very simple, follow the pictures


  • Insert PEN DRIVE / Micro SD into a USB port / or micro reader
  • Proceed with the same options as in the figure and AFTER press the start button

Be careful when you give the command “OK” the key is reset irreversibly

  • Once finished we have this result.On opening the volume unit we find these files inside that we can very well delete

  • At the end after the check the flash drive / microSD will be in FAT32