[Wii / GC] Swiss v0.5 r878 released

 AUG 16, 2020

New update of “Swiss” from developers  / Extrems / ristofercruz who released version 0.5r878.Swiss is the successor to SD-boot, a GameCube loader   (compatible with Wii) with support for  loading games from DVD, SD -Gecko and IDE-EXI  . This application  runs in GameCube mode  , so having a cmios  with homebrew support is essential  . We recommend using the Nintendont app on Wii.


  • Load DOL from SD, SDHC, DVD-R and hard drive
  • Load GCM / ISO from original disk, SD, SDHC, DVD-R and hard drive
  • Multiplay DVD-R Support (Cobra / GCOS)
  • Multi-Disc support from original disc, SD, SDHC, DVD-R and hard drive
    • Requires both games to be named disc-NAME1.xxx disc-NAME2.xxx
  • Cheat Engine for all games (upgradeable via SD, SDHC)
  • Free region / 480p video resolution

* IDE-EXI adapter and SD Gecko are required to use the hard drive


  • GameCube with controller
  • Action Replay (preferably the latest version possible)
  • SD card / memory card (commonly referred to as SDGecko, but any generic adapter should work)
  • SD, SDHC or SDXC with <4GB maximum memory
  • A computer with an SD card slot, USB SD card adapter, or other ways to access the SD card from the computer
  • Software on your computer that can extract 7z files, such as  7-Zip  .

Formatting the SD card

  1. Connect the SD card to the computer.
  2. Right click on the SD card in File Explorer and select Format.
  3. Make sure the capacity is <4GB
  4. For the file system, select FAT (Default).
  5. For the allocation unit size, select 32 kilobytes.
  6. The volume label can be left or changed at will. Personally I have set it as GAMECUBE_SD.
  7. Check for quick change.
  8. Press start.


  1. Download the latest version  and extract its content.
  2. Copy the Swiss DOL compressed file found in the DOL folder to the root of the SD card. Its name will follow the formatswiss_r###-compressed.dol
  3. If you want Swiss to start automatically, rename the DOL file   AUTOEXEC.dol.
  4. If you are using an older version of Action Replay, copy the SDLOADER.BINActionReplay folder file  to the root of the SD card.
  5. Safely eject the SD card.
  6. Return the Rescue Disc to GameCube.
  7. Insert the SD card into the SD card / memory card adapter and insert the memory card adapter into a GameCube memory card slot. It doesn’t matter which slot is used.
  8. Turn on the GameCube and you will see the Action Replay start screen. If you have renamed the DOL file   AUTOEXEC.dol, then it should start right there in the Swiss menu. Otherwise, select the DOL Swiss file from the file list.

If the above steps don’t work, try using the uncompressed DOL file


v r878

Further improvements have been made to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to improve the user experience.

@Extrems :

  • Resolves compatibility with SDSC cards.
  • Skip invalid DOL files.

v r827

Few too many failing Memory Slot A reports are popping up, so here it is.

@cristofercruz commit:

  • Updated list view and region icons

@emukidid commit:

  • Fixed analog range on scrolling (number  # 329  )

@Extrems commit:

  • Fix build with devkitPPC version 36.
  • Fixa Memory Slot A use with no patch device present.
  • Solves the problem with the 3-4 timer.
  • Prepare the full DI emulation.
  • Adds basic disc read speed emulation for GCLoader.
  • Stop streaming audio on IGR.
  • Skip the ELF duplicate of the default DOL.

v r806

For this release,  @cristofercruz  kindly contributed a new UI theme. We hope you like it.

A new fastboot apploader has been introduced. Users with an optical drive emulator can now enjoy near-instant access to Swiss. You can use IPL startup to restore the startup animation while loading games.

The correction of some lagging EA stocks with ELF binaries without stripping has been fixed.

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean music has been fixed for devices using full DI emulation.

To commemorate these changes, we’ve raised the version number to 0.5.

@cristofercruz  busy:

  • Correct the image size of the highlight button to 4 × 4, increase the menu bar slightly, adjust the spacing between the menu bar and the file browser.
  • Updated file type image templates.
  • Updated interface images for background buttons, file type and menus. Minor changes to text positions.
  • Remove redundant condition.
  • Divide cli and dcp to allow loading arguments from both.

@emukidid  busy:

  • Bump version at 0.5
  • Update BNR credits
  • Add the list of patreon supporters to the credits

@Extrems  engaged:

  • DVDGetTransferredSize Patch.
  • Read only a part of the ELFs we care about.
  • Do not use compressed DOL for ISO.
  • Update the apploader creation date.
  • Force IPL menu on exit.
  • Use the new fastboot apploader.

v r798

By cleaning up the chaos from the previous version, Wiikey Fusion should now work better than ever, including support for 2 discs.

A longstanding bug has been fixed that caused crashes with DVD / GCLoader and patch fragments.

There is now the option to launch games via the GameCube main menu. This feature still has some problems, but mostly it works. The current game settings apply, so they can be viewed in progressive scan.

@Extrems :

  • Add an exception for PAL games started via IPL.
  • Shows the disk number when another disk has been found.
  • Generalize the text encoding patch for early SDKs.
  • Remove Debug Log Spam.
  • Add text encoding patch for BS2.
  • Add region patches for BS2.
  • Add video patches for BS2.
  • Bring Wiikey Fusion to the new patches.
  • Add boot via IPL function.
  • Rewrite the workaround for CPU freezing on EFB Z peek during a copy operation.
  • Fix DVD reading starting from alignment for a previous patched file.
  • Do not allocate audio streaming buffers for new patches.
  • Reimplement the spin-up DVD-R.

@EBLeifEricson :

  • Added SP2 slot control for cheat on a different device

v r785

The DVD / GCLoader has been carried over to the new read patches and all games are now treated as potentially reloadable. This allows some games, notably XIII, to be played in progressive scan using an original / backup disc or GCLoader, and also allows other patches to persist through restores. To work, you need an SD card adapter.

If you previously disabled the new read patches, they will be reset to enabled. The option to disable them has been replaced with a more concise “Emulate Streaming Audio” option. This should also fix cases where they have been inadvertently disabled since the latest version. This option is only valid for SD and IDE-EXI card adapters.

@Extrems :

  • Corrects comparison with incorrectly flagged audio stream.
  • Save and compare the disc header.
  • Take the DVD / GCLoader to the new patches.
  • Hide the .nkit.iso extension.
  • Hide the swiss_patches directory upon creation.
  • Implement sync ioctl.
  • Check other file attributes of existing patch fragments.
  • Change the “Alternate Read Patches” option to the “Emulate Audio Streaming” option.
  • Simply enable interrupts and call OSResetSystem.
  • Hijacks the current thread to call OSResetSystem.
  • EXIDetach patch.

v r775-1

  • An issue was discovered that prevented an SD card from being detected on serial port 2 or from functioning at a lower speed.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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