[PS3 / PSVITA / SWITCH] August 2020 Buildbot Released for ScummVM

 AUG 16, 2020

Among the official pages of the ScummVM emulator we discover the arrival of a new buildbot with the latest updates of the source code and the new VPK / PKG file for PSVITA, PS3 and SWITCH. ScummVM is a program initially developed to start Lucasarts “point and click” Dos games with the script SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) and over time it has become compatible with the games of other companies such as Sierra and Humongous Entertainment This new version adds all the latest updates and bug fixes updated to date, also adds support for new games such as Lighthouse, RAMA and Starship Titanic German . For a complete list of game compatibility you can check this link


From a computer, download the installable package at the end of the article. Unzip and copy the .vpk file on PlayStation Vita with fw 3.60,3.65, H-Encore 3.67 / 3.68 and install it with Vitashell.

Here is our test:

  • Left stick => Mouse
  • R + left stick => Slow Mouse
  • Cross => left mouse button
  • Circle => right mouse button
  • DPAD => Cursor keys (useful for character movement)
  • R + DPAD => diagonal movement of the cursor keys
  • Triangle => Menu Game (F5)
  • Square => Period ‘.’ (Used to skip dialogue lines)
  • R + square => Space “
  • L trigger => Skip (used to skip scenes)
  • R + L => Return
  • Start => ScummVM global in-game menu
  • Select => Virtual keyboard toggle
  • R + Select => AGI predictive input window
For PS3

Download the zip file at the end of the article, unzip and install the PKG file on PS3.


Download the zip file at the end of the article, unzip and insert the scummvm folder inside the Switch folder


Version for PSVITA

ScummVM Buildbot

PS3 version

ScummVM Buildbot

Version for SWITCH

ScummVM Buildbot