[WII / GC] WiiSXRX v2.4 released: the PSX emulator is updated

 AUG 15, 2020

Developer niuus has released a new WiiSXRX Fork update with the new version 2.4. WiiSXR (a port of PCSX-R) is the PSX emulator for Gamecube / Wii / Wii U based on Mystro256’s WiiSXR source code, a continuation of wiisx’s daxtsu libwupc mod, which in turn is based on the “USB mod5” by Matguitarist.


(some taken from the original Mystro256 readme)

  • Correct gcc build warnings (see build.log for details). Not sure how much pointers will affect optimization, but no warning is always better than any IMHO.
  • Update with any code from pcsxr (get as much as possible from pcsxr development ( http://pcsxr.codeplex.com  ).
  • Improve plugins (maybe replace them?)… For example, cdrmooby28 has some optimization and possible memory problems. Also, maybe an opengl plugin can be ported to gx (with the help of something like gl2gx, WIP see gxrender branch) and an audio plugin with the help of an SDL layer (or ported?).
  • Support for Xbox 360 controllers and USB HID.
  • DualShock 3, DualShock 4 and DualShock 5 controller support.
  • Ability to take screenshots like Snes9x RX.
  • Ability to select other BIOS with some basic buttons.
  • 240p support.
  • CD-DA support.
  • PS1 multitap support.


  • Credit update.
  • Fixed a small analog to digital bug in the gamepad. [FIX94]
  • Sort by name or type in the file list with WCC ZR.
  • Fixed error when saving memory card message. [Emukidid]
  • Analog GC value increased to cover the full range of 256 values. [Emukidid]