[PSVITA] Gemrb-vita v0.8.6-vita.1 released

 AUG 8, 2020

Developer Northfear has released a new port on PSVITA called Gemrb-vita with the first initial release. GemRB  (Game Engine Made with preRendered Background) is an open source portable reimplementation of the Infinity Engine that is the basis of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. It features a cleaner design, greater extensibility, and numerous innovations. To try it out you need some of the ORIGINAL game data or you can give a small preview by running the included trivial game demo. Documentation can be found on  the website  , while the sources are in gemrb / docs / en / and on  the gemrb page .6  .

Port information

Keyboard input is not supported and there is no virtual keyboard in SDL1. To automatically fill in the desired character name during character creation, change the VitaCharName parameter in GemRB.cfg.

To enter the names of the save games (it is impossible to save a game with an empty name) just use the TRIANGLE or SQUARE buttons.

The pointer movement speed can be changed with the “VitaPointerSpeed” parameter in GemRB.cfg.

The performance with a resolution of 640 × 480 is “reproducible”. To improve this I HIGHLY recommend disabling character movement and sounds in the game options. Turning off the audio altogether (by setting “AudioDriver = none” in GemRB.cfg) can further improve performance. The game is quite IO heavy for Life, so loading can take some time.

Custom portraits, character imports, voice selection during character creation are not supported at this time (but you can copy PC saves with all of these and should work fine)

The port probably contains some bugs, as I haven’t tested it that much.


  • Left analog stick: pointer movement
  • X button: left mouse button
  • O Button – Right mouse button
  • SQUARE button – Open map
  • TRIANGLE button – Open inventory
  • Directional Button, Right Analog-stick – Scroll Map
  • R1 – Pause
  • L1 – Highlight items
  • SELECT – Open the menu


  • Download the gemrb_data.zip and gemrb.vpk files from  https://github.com/Northfear/gemrb-vita/releases .
  • Install gemrb.vpk on your Vita. Extract the “GemRB” folder from gemrb_data.zip to ux0: data.
  • Copy the original game folder to ux0: data / GemRB / and edit the ux0: data / GemRB / GemRB.cfg file (set the correct “GameType” and “GamePath” parameters. Automatic game detection does not work, then set ” GameType “manually).
  • RePatch reDux0 plug-in is required for correct suspend / resume support https://github.com/dots-tb/rePatch-reDux0