PS4 & Emulation News: sleirsgoevy keeps updating his PS4 jailbreak with a fix for game hangups + mGBA 0.8.3 released with better accuracy and more!

With the vast majority of software, updates are needed after release in order to iron bugs out while adding new functionality and this obviously also applies to the homebrew & emulation community. In this article, we’ll be looking at further updates that sleirsgoevy has performed to his FW 6.72 jailbreak together with the release of mGBA 0.8.3.

sleirsgoevy updates his PS4 FW 6.72 jailbreak with various commits including a fix for game hangups

sleirsgoevy is still hard at work improving his FW 6.72 jailbreak which is now being used by a good deal of people in the PS4 hacking scene!

It’s already been around 3 weeks since sleirsgoevy released his FW 6.72 jailbreak, which is based upon a kernel exploit released by TheFlow, thus allowing a good deal more people to jailbreak their console. However, stability was initially a problem with sleirsgoevy’s jailbreak but since its release, he has performed various commits on the jailbreak’s GitHub repository bringing about improvements to the exploit’s code which is gradually being used by more and more PlayStation 4 community members. In the last few days, sleirsgoevy has done a good deal of updates to his jailbreak which include:

  • A fix aimed at eliminating hangups in games
    • Apparently, this was happening due to some form of heap corruption
  • Some patches to ps4-kexec were merged
    • ps4-kexec has to do with booting Linux on the PlayStation 4
  • Various improvements to the exploit itself, some of which fixed crashes relating to being out of memory (OOM)
  • The Hungarian translation for the jailbreak’s HTML page you see on your PlayStation 4’s browser was updated by TheOneEyedGrimReaper
  • Various other more technical commits that aim to improve certain facets of the jailbreak

You may find more information about what’s been updated by checking the jailbreak’s GitHub repository. As the jailbreak is being updated frequently, it’s likely that the host you’re using to run it on your console isn’t up to date with the latest changes so you may need to set up a local web server yourself to try them out.

mGBA 0.8.3 released with various stability & accuracy fixes

mGBA is a GameBoy (Advance) emulator that’s quite accurate while being able to run well on lower-end devices. As a result, it’s gained quite a following and updates come to it every few months!

Ever since the release of mGBA 0.8.0 in January, the emulator has been receiving relatively minor updates aimed at improving stability while also making emulation more accurate. These updates are pretty welcome as they keep improving upon this already-popular emulator which has proven to run well on lower-end machines and even hacked game consoles such as the PlayStation Vita with it coming with official ports for 4 such consoles namely the Switch, Vita, Wii & 3DS.

mGBA 0.8.3, which was released a few days ago, comes with the following updates which include:

  • A fix to an issue causing stuttering and crashing on GPUs by AMD
  • Various accuracy improvements related to original GameBoy & GameBoy Advance emulation together with a fix for potential corruption when a 1Mbit GBA flash save is loaded
  • On the 3DS port, garbage data is no longer shown on the borders of scaled screens
  • The PSVita version no longer suffers from flickering when frameskip is utilised
  • Pixelated filtering on interframe blending has been fixed on the Wii version
    • An instability when using AGBPrint was also fixed in this version of the emulator
  • Other minor updates & fixes including per-page scrolling in the Memory View window

You may grab mGBA 0.8.3 by following this link and choosing the download for the platform of your choice.


Staying on the topic of emulation, SameBoy 0.13.4 & 0.13.5 have been released over in the last few hours. When it comes to the PlayStation 4, FraMaras on Reddit has posted a list of FW 6.72 jailbreak hosts which can be pretty useful if your favourite one isn’t working!