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Announcing: VTSPS2-HBDL – HomeBrew DownLoader http://hbdl.vts-tech.org

VTSPS2-HBDL v0.27 HomeBrew DownLoader

Forked from iLaunchELF by VTSTech

Rather stable right now. Almost feature complete. Works in testing on real hardware. Writes to either MC or USB based on user selection.

Do not use on SCPH-9XXXX with 2.30 BIOS. Extensively tested on SCPH-70001. Working reports from SCPH-5XXXX as well.

Fully functional in PCSX2
Downloading works on Real PS2.
Checking works on Real PS2
Overwriting works on Real PS2
Creating folders works on Real PS2
Launching mostly works on Real PS2 (WLE, OPL, GSM launch, a few others don’t)
USB Support, Sequential Downloads

Original iLaunchELF Created by krHACKen & Based_Skid

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v0.27 2020-06-08 5:10AM
No longer using loader.elf
Using LoadElf() from MPLUS-LOADER3
Now displays remote filesize
Now displays remote version
Reorganized menu to accommodate new items
Menu now dynamically aligns itself
Added 'Aura for Laura' Demo
Added ZoneLoader
Updated RetroArch
Now supports 24 Homebrews

v0.26 2020-06-07 10:15AM
Renamed ESDL to PS2ESDL
Now supports downloading multiple files per homebrew!
Added PGEN
Added PSMS
Added PVCS
Added SNES9X
Fixed bug reading CRC's when entire filename was present in two homebrews.
Now supports 22 Homebrews

v0.25 2020-06-06 1:05AM
Now supports USB!
2 more Homebrews added
Now supports 17 total Homebrews
No longer in ALPHA, First BETA release.

v0.24 2020-06-05 6:29AM
Now displays Remote CRC32
Local CRC32 defaults to 'unchecked'
Checking for files that don't exist tentatively working.
00000000 is File Not Exist

v0.23 06-03-2020 8:29PM
Now Supports 15 Total Homebrews
Now using 8.3 Filename standard.
Current CRC32 List now distributed with binary releases.

v0.22 06-02-2020 9:45PM
Added support for more homebrew
Added HTTP Mirror support.
Added Cuban mirror. Thanks HWC!
Added missing 'Push Start to Exit' to menu
Launching Homebrew now partially functions.
Launches WLE/OPL in real hardware testing .. but not Pico/FCEU

v0.21 06-02-2020 4:45PM
New Menu
Now displays IP on main screen
Supports many more homebrews.
Fully functional in PCSX2
Tentatively fully working on Real PS2
-Downloading+Creating Folder
All work on my SCPH-70001 with this build.
Code cleanup.
Removed delays/debug output.

v0.2 05-30-2020 10:15PM
First functional release.

Supports OPL, WLE, HDL, ESR
CRC32 is displayed but not compared currently.
Tested on real hardware (SCPH-70001).
Overwrites existing files correctly.
Only writing to MC0 for now.

v0.1 05-26-2020 01:44AM
Initial Fork