[PSVITA] SD2Vita Adapter Configuration Guide

Driver installation:
  1. To use the microSD card as ux0:, back up the PSVita memory card to your computer. You can do it via USB so it’s faster. If you want to use the SD2Vita as uma0: (external memory), skip this step
  2. Move the ux0: / tai folder to ur0: / tai so that you can use the card even if the PSVita memory is not inserted and could avoid path problems when mounting the microSD card. Ur0 is the internal memory of Life – It is available in the Slim and PSTV models
  3. Download the gamesd.skprx driver file  at the end of the article and insert it into the ur0: tai folder 
  4. Add the sd2vita adapter driver string to ur0: /tai/config.txt under the * KERNEL line   . The line you add will probably be ” ur0: tai / gamesd.skprx “. Now, you have installed the driver on your PSVita.
Preparing the microSD card:
  1. Insert the microSD card into the adapter and wait for it to appear on the computer
  2. Open Win32 Disk Imager , select zzBlank.img from your computer, make sure you have selected the microSD on the right drive and press WRITE.

  1. Disconnect the microSD.
  2. Format microSD memory from Windows with the following options:
    • ExFAT as a file system
    • Select Default allocation size for Allocation unit size
    • Do not enter a name for the volume label
  3. You are done with your microSD!



After that, simply insert the microSD into the adapter, run HENkaku on your PSVita and enjoy the extra storage!



win32diskimager-1.0.0-install and zzBlankimg


Thanks for the Modsiah video guide and the wololo.net website