[PSVITA] DaedalusX64 V0.2 Released

The developer Rinnegatamante after a long series of changes to the code and a long work has released the second native version for PSVITA of DaedalusX64-vitaGL.DaedalusX64-vitaGL. it is a port of Daedalus X64, an old experimental N64 emulator for Linux / PSP whose goal was speed on accuracy. From the base of the original code a new N64 emulator has been built whose goal will be the best possible compatibility without sacrificing speed. The emulator was created through the combined work of Rinnegatamante and MasterFeizz, which implies that Daedalus X64 3DS will remain on par with the Vita build.


– Rescue features
– Native resolution (960 × 544) with 4x MSAA
– Native support for analogue doubles
– vFlux implementation
– Bilinear filter
– ARM DynaRec
– Audio support (synchronous)
– Rumble Pak support (with support for controllers that echo on PSTV) and Controller Pak
Support – Support for multiple controllers



  • The emulator will now set the maximum user clocks allowed at startup (444/222/222/166 Mhz),
  • the frame limit  is now set to  Disabled  and the  Audio  is set to  Synchronous . This is done because the audio already limits the framerate on its own in a better way than the frame limit option.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the debugger window from closing by pressing the relative close button (X).
  • Several improvements and optimizations to DynaRec.
  • Renamed Debugger window in console logs.
  • Added a Debugger window showing the cartridge ID and the RSP microcode currently in use.
  • Fixed issue with Kombat’s Deadly Mythologies: rendering flipped under zero during the game for 3D geometries.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen to flicker in different games (eg Paper Mario).
  • Fixed Ogre Battle 64 not correctly drawing backgrounds.
  • Added support for Pokemon Stadium Jap’s exclusive jpeg decompression microcode.
  • Added support for YUV textures (corrects some incorrectly displayed textures, for example: exclusive Pokemon Stadium Jap logo)
  • Fixed an issue that caused 3D geometries to render outside the screen view in some games when using a different aspect ratio than full screen.
  • Added Wait Rendering option : corrects artifacts in different games at the expense of performances.
  • Added tooltip descriptions in the user interface for some options considered less intuitive to understand.
  • Exchange of Z and L maps for more comfortable playback.
  • Designed so that the renderer uses the information on the vertices generated without extra calculations (Speedup of the display list code).
  • Added asynchronous audio option . It will download most of the audio emulation code to another CPU core thereby improving performance.
  • Fixed some issues with texture scaling. Fix rendering in some games (eg Yoshi’s Story).
  • Added texture caching option  . It improves performance but can cause anomalies in some games. (Default active)


Daedalus X64 v.0.2

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