[PSVITA] Ftpeverywhere Released: A New Perpetual FTP Plugin In The Background On PSVITA

The CBPS team is always charging with new plugins and new revolutions on the PSVITA portable console.If you are tired of launching the FTP on PSVITA via Vitashell and you are looking for something to be active forever as soon as you turn on your console, ftpeverywhere arrives from the teakhanirons developer. ftpeverywhere is a user plugin that coupled with SilicaandPina nosleep allows you to always have your FTP active in the background without problems on your PSVITA console.

Plugin installation:

  • Add  ftpeverywhere.suprx  under  * main  to your taiHEN configuration  (most likely on ur0: /tai/config.txt)  :


  • Copy  ftpeverywhere.suprx  to the location specified in your taiHEN configuration  (in this example, ur0: tai / ftpeverywhere.suprx)  .
  • (OPTIONAL)  Install and run  SilicaAndPina’s NoSleep.vpk  for a better experience.
  • Reboot your console.

Using the plugin:

This plugin sets up an FTP server on port 1337  . You can connect to it using your favorite FTP client.
If the Wi-Fi connection on Vita is interrupted, the FTP server will come back online after some time after the connection is restored.



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