[SWITCH / PSVITA] Released Pemu V 4.3

If you are short of emulators on Nintendo Switch and PSVITA the developer Cpasjuste returns with a new update of pemu with the new version 4.3.Pemu is a suite of various emulators “p” for Nintendo Switch and PSVITA such as pFBA, pSNES, pNES, etc.


  • psnes: correction of crackling audio
  • psnes: hide unnecessary options from the options menu
  • psnes: allow to list unknown files in the list of roms
  • psnes: added the BLOCK_INVALID_VRAM option
  • psnes: added the TRANSPARENCY option
  • psnes: added the DISPLAY_MESSAGES option
  • psnes: added FRAMESKIP, TURBO_MODE and TURBO_FRAMESKIP options
  • psnes: allows frameskip on switch, even if not really necessary …
  • psnes: update snes9x core to the latest version (31/03/2020, 432fc08498b33190a41ae659c3c5fccbeb5b8b3e)
  • psnes: includes all changes to pFBN since the latest version of pSNES (many)
  • all: add SHOW_REAL_NAMES ui option to show zip names (or fbn names) instead of the screenscraper name in the rom list
  • all: smaller video thumbnail size (1/2, 20 seconds instead of 36).