[SWITCH] RussellNX V1.3.3 Released

If you are a programmer or a group of geek users who like to create something new on Nintendo Switch, a new update of RussellNX arrives from the Russian developer nkrapivin. For those unfamiliar with this fantastic tool, it allows you to build homebrew games for Nintendo Switch using the GameMaker Studio 2 runtime.


  1. RussellNX does not crash if it is unable to remove temporary directories.
  2. Fixed “Version:” and “Runtime version:” fields to have “.” as a separator, regardless of the system region.

Thank you so much for using RussellNX and … please bring a game using this tool 🙁
the only doors that are in public and made with RussellNX are made by me, it sucks.
If something is wrong or you don’t understand the switch_ functions you can always contact me @ discord nik # 5351 or twitter @nkrapivindev. If there is a problem with RussellNX itself you can always make a problem.