[DS / DSi / 3DS] GodMode9i 1.3.5 Released

GodMode9i is back with a new update from developer Robz8 with version 1.3.5. GodMode9i is a file browser that allows you to have full access to the SD card and the microSD card of the flash card. You can copy, delete, rename files and create folders, heavily inspired by d0k3’s GodMode9 for Nintendo 3DS.

Flashcards supported, whether they are downloaded from the SD card or as a CIA

  • Acekard 2 (i)
  • R4 Ultra (r4ultra.com)


  • Navigate files between the SD card and the flashcard!
  • NitroFS by navigating to an .nds file.
  • Create screenshot  : press R + L on screens showing the text “R + L”. The screens are in BMP format.
  • 3DS:  .firm payload boot from both SD cards and flashcards! (Works only if it is downloaded from the SD card or as a CIA.)
    (Requires the latest version of boot9strap installed)

NOTE: remember not to insert any 3DS cartridge in the slot, otherwise the app will freeze. 


  • If you own a DS Phat or DS Lite, you can run it on a flashcard.
  • If you have a DSi, you can use TWiLight Menu ++ to do this from the SD card.
  • If you have 3DS or 2DS, you can use TWiLight Menu ++ to run it from the SD card, or just install the CIA file and start it from the HOME 3DS menu.




  • Added support for direct access to Acekard 2i with the Hello Kitty no Panda Sports Stadium banner.
  • The file size is now smaller than 88 KB.

Problem resolution

  • The DLDI driver is now maintained when starting homebrew from the SD card.


  • Recursive copy added (copy files and dirs within dirs). (thanks to  @ Epicpkmn11  )
  • When taking a screenshot (R + L to take a screenshot), the lower screen will now also be taken.

Bug fixes

  • The screens no longer exclude the first vertical line.
  • When you take a screenshot, it  /gm9i/outwill be created if it doesn’t exist.


  • Non-counterfeit AK2i cartridges should now be supported when running from the SD card or as a CIA.
  • Now you can move files between the SD card and the flash card.
  • The NitroFS of an .nds file can now be mounted.
  • The software version is now added to the file name of a downloaded GBA ROM.
  • [fat:/] GAMECART is now shown, only if the flash card has been successfully mounted.

Bug fixes

  • .. it can no longer be copied to the clipboard.
  • The clipboard can no longer be restored after moving a file because the clipboard contains a non-existent file.


  • DS fat / lite users: you can now download your GBA cartridges to your flashcard!
  • Added feature to copy or move a file to a specific folder.
  • The flashcard can now be mounted / removed by holding down R + B. (Works only in DS mode)
  • SD card / CIA users: microSD can be read from R4i Gold 3DS Plus.
  • If the app crashes after the GM9i logo, hold down Y during the logo on the next boot to disable access to slot 1.


  • Transferred most of the code in TWL / DSi mode, including built-in DLDI drivers, to arm9i binary.

Problem resolution

  • Fixed an issue that was not shown when pressing A on an unbootable file in  gm9i/out.
    Now it simply won’t do anything if only the SD card or flashcard is mounted.

V1.0.0 (REV1)

  • Copy to /gmi9/outspelling error corrected. Now show  Copy to /gm9i/out.


  • This is the first version of GodMode9i for DS and DSi (and it also works on 3DS).
  • In this version, you can browse files, including deleting and copying files between the SD card and the flash card.