[SWITCH] Rekado V3.2 Released

The developer MenosGrante has released a new update of Rekado with the new version 3.2. Rikado is a Payload launcher written in Kotlin and based on NachLoader injector codebase. The application does not require Root on your device. The SX Loader payload is bundled as default. The main difference from NXLoader is the ability to quickly change the necessary payloads by pre-loading them. You can choose the payload once the USB cable is connected to the switch.


Launch the application Find a cable to connect your device to the Nintendo Switch. For proper work, this should be a cable designed for data transmission, not just for charging. We recommend using an A to C cable   and a USB OTGadapter   . In the “Payloads” category   , click the “+” button   to select the preloaded payload from your device’s memory. Or simply transfer your payload to the Rekado folder in the device memory. Or you can use the default payload (  SX OS  ) Insert your Nintendo Switch in RCM mode  in any convenient way. Your Nintendo Switch will turn on by itself once connected, be sure to hold  VOLUME + Connect the device to the Nintendo Switch and allow authorization for USB access  ,  if necessary. Wait until the program asks you to select the payload and choose the one you need Wait for the payload to complete on your console


Does the application require Root?

The application does not require Root on your device.

Can you touch my device / console?

This should not happen when using the “correct” payloads. But I am not responsible for possible problems.

Will ReKado ever run Linux?

In the near future, this is by no means to be expected. Maybe in the future.




  • Addition: Functionality to scan the console serial number from the barcode in the Serial Control window.
  • Addition: the “Restart” dialog box after each theme change | color to initialize it correctly.
  • Addition: “Restore” option in the Appearance Settings category to restore the default settings of all aspects.


  • Updated: predefined “Dark” theme colors.
  • Fixed: sharp color edges in the “Color Selector” dialog box.


  • Updated: Gradle to 5.6.1.
  • Updated: Gradle Plugin to 3.5.0.
  • Updated: Kotlin at 1.3.50.
  • Updated: Corotine of Kotlin at 1.3.0.
  • Removed: card addiction.
  • Removed: dependence on material dialogs.