[PS3] Sen Enabler V6.2.3 Released With Spoof 4.85

After the release of the 4.85 PS3 firmware, the Evilnat developer returns with a new update of Sen Enabler in version 6.2.3. Sen Enabler is a multifunctional tool for PS3 which helps to access the Sony PlayStation Network to play online on custom firmware. The tool also allows you to delete PS3 history files sent after accessing the PSN and hide some custom firmware files. Here is a list of all its features.


      • Enable / disable SEN / PSN access
      • Spoof to the latest version / 9.99 / custom spoof
      • Disable any other spoof
      • Patch all with one button (minus the MAC)
      • Show PS3 data
      • Show the Help / Credits menu
      • Changing the language in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, German, Italian, Danish, Brazilian and Portuguese
      • Delete important files sent to Sony
      • Hides the PS3 data
      • MAC Patch
      • Patch ConsoleID
      • PSID patch
      • TargetID Patches
      • Patch data from USB
      • Turn off the PS3
      • Restart the PS3
      • Fix Cobra hash
      • Exit the program


The most important update concerns Cobra, all Cobra SEN Enabler stages have been updated to 7.55 and uploaded to my Github account   , feel free to download or update it and thanks to all those interested in updating Cobra.

PS3 / PSX / PSP / PS2 The ISOs must work without problems, if the ISO PS2 do not work with old / new stage2 maybe you need to update  ps2_emu.self  ,  ps2_gxemu.self  ,  ps2_netemu.self  ,  ps2gxemu_stage2.bin  and  ps2hwemu_stage2 .bin , here files, just choose the ones corresponding to your version:  PS3 Flash [ps2emu] TheCobra hash correction  option   will install the appropriate stage2 to the current FW version, check the Cobra data and fix all the current hash.

SEN Enabler uses the Cobra stage for the following CFW:

  • 4.46 CEX
  • 4.50 DEX
  • 4.53 CEX
  • 4.53 REBUG CEX / DEX
  • 4.55 CEX
  • 4.65 CEX / DEX
  • 4.65 REBUG CEX / DEX
  • 4.66 CEX
  • 4,70 CEX / DEX
  • 4.70 REBUG CEX / DEX
  • 4,75 CEX / DEX
  • 4.75 REBUG CEX / DEX
  • 4.76 CEX / DEX
  • 4.76 REBUG LITE / CEX / DEX
  • 4.78 CEX
  • 4.78 REBUG CEX / DEX
  • 4.80 CEX
  • 4.80 REBUG CEX / DEX
  • 4.81 CEX
  • 4.81 REBUG CEX / DEX
  • 4.82 CEX
  • 4.82 REBUG LITE / CEX / DEX
  • 4,83 CEX
  • 4.84 CEX / DEX

Syscalls / ID / XMB mode

syscalls / ID / XMB patches are now  firmware independent , you can use it on newer CFWs without waiting for the new version with support, but the spoof and all related ones will not be available until I add support to avoid problems.

Syscall and ID patch modes have been removed, they are not necessary.

The SEN Enabler Plugin plug-in

SEN is now completely independent of the firmware, all options will work in any version.

Even the Syscall and ID patch modes have been removed and replaced with  patch IDs at startup  and  Disable syscall at startup , these options work with  Patch files , depending on the option chosen will be searched in USB or internal HDD, with the HDD option will look in / dev_hdd0 / game / NPEA90124 / USRDIR for ConsoleID.txt, MAC.txt and PSID.txt, you can import these files with the  file  option  import patch  in the SEN Enabler settings menu.

The flag files have also been removed, with the two new options more than sufficient.

Remember to use  Charles Proxy  together with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more if you want), this software will minimize the risk of ban, but a ban is not possible to avoid 100% on CFW 
Block all these URLs on Charles or similar:



  • Cobra updated to v8. 01
  • Added support for Cobra 4.84 DEX
  • Added SPOOF and hash for 4.84 CFW Cobra CEX / DEX


  • Added support for webMAN in the ‘/ dev_flash’ paths at Cobra startup
  • Added support for Cobra 4.81 DEX
  • Spoof on 4.84 (the Online works again)


  • Update of Cobra data to 7.55 in all supported CFW
  • Improved disables the syscalls option
  • Removed syscalls patch modes
  • Patch ID mode removed
  • Improved Cobra hash correction
  • The Patch syscalls / IDs / XMB option is now independent of the firmware (also plugin)
  • Fixed issue that crashed randomly while disabling syscalls
  • Removed the flag files from the SEN plugin
  • Added patch ID at startup in SEN Plugin
  • Added disables syscalls at startup in SEN Plugin
  • Added the source option of patch files in SEN Plugin (USB / Internal HDD)
  • Sen Plugin updated to v3.33
  • Improved code


  • Added support for CFW 4.83 Cobra
  • Added support for XMB modes in 4.83 CFW


  • Spoof 4.83 (The online works again)
  • Added support for CFW 4.83 CEX / DEX (not tested, there is no CFW 4.83)
  • Updated Cobra data for Rebug 4.82 CEX / DEX
  • Updated the SEN plug-in to v3.1
  • Fixed issue if plugin folder does not exist during plugin installation


  • Updating Cobra data
  • Added support for CFW REBUG 4.82 D-Rex


  • – Updated Cobra patch data
  • – The Cobra version is now shown in Info PS3
  • – Cobra support for DEX CFW (4.50 / 4.65)
  • – Cobra support for CFW Overflow / Spy
  • – Fixed Cobra stage2 for 4.76 / 4.78 / 4.81 Rebug / 4.82 Rebug
  • – Fixed MAC patch on the latest firmware
  • – Real MAC / SPOOFED is now shown in Info PS3
  • – Fixed XMB modes on CFW 4.82
  • – Fixed memory problem with webMAN MOD on CEX
  • – Improved code


  • – Updated to v3.0
  • – Fixed MAC patch on the latest firmware
  • – The plugin now uses the * .TXT patch files instead of the default * .BIN
  • – Improved code

Block all these URLs on Charles or similar:


  • Added Cobra support for Rebug 4.82 CEX
  • Updated Cobra data

v6.0.5 beta

  • Added support for future CFW 4.82
  • Added spoof 4.82
  • Added Cobra support for CFW 4.82 CEX (no DEX)
  • Added custom CFW mode for Ferrox 4.82 [COBRA]

Remember to use Charles Proxy with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more URLs if you want), this software minimizes the risk of BAN, but the BAN is not 100% avoidable on CFW

Block all these URLs on Charles or similar:

Other changes

  • Problems with Cobra on 4.82:  Some problems with Cobra were correct, but one was important on any Cobra CFW 4.82 causing black screen, here is my explanation:

    That black screen will not allow you to load XMB / Recovery Menu, the only correction is as follows:

    NOR:  Format the entire PS3 HDD on PC, this will delete stage2.bin, turn on the PS3 and ask to install the version and format the HDD

    NAND:  You will need a flash hardware, perform the downgrade / reinstallation on other CFW  NON  Cobra avoiding the stage2

    I apologize to all those who have suffered this problem, all versions of SEN Enabler are tested many times before being released and I have never seen a problem with the black screen 4.82 in my tests, I tried again v6.0.6 on NOR PS3 of my friend and I failed on the sixth attempt. Really, I’m so sorry

  • Problems with  MAC spoofing : the MAC spoofing function did not work with some new PS3 FWs, now it works well in all FW versions. Now the PS3 information window of SEN Enabler will show the original and spoofed MAC
  •  Plug-in SEN patch file: the SEN plug-in uses ifile patch  [* .BIN]  , now uses the  default SEN Enabler  [* .TXT] files , it is not necessary to use * .BIN, you can apply patches with the current IDs on  ConsoleID. txt  ,  PSID.txt  and  MAC.txt  , but only on USB device for SEN Plugin
  • Support for CEX / DEX CFW Cobra:  I solved the problems on Cobra DEX for 4.50 and 4.65, many will remember that I disabled support for those versions because they caused the black screen as 4.82. 
    Atm for DEX, Cobra support is added for 4.50, 4.65 and all D-REX Rebugs, I don’t know if there are more Cobra versions for DEX (searched and not found), but if you try to Enable-Disable SEN / Custom Spoof / Restore Spoof / 9.99 Spoof without Cobra support the following message will appear