[PSVITA] ShellSecBat V10 Released: Adds Firmware Support 3.55

After one year from the last update the developer   has released a new version 10 of ShellSecBat. ShellSecBat is a 2-in-1 plugin that merges ShellRat with nowrep and Lastseconds from theorywrong, which allows you to add the seconds to the default clock and the battery charge percentage to the PSVITA status bar. support for 3.55 firmware mounting consoles.




  • Add support for 3.55. All credits go to nowrep for offsets!
  • Solves the display problem when a size was over 1TB, thanks to eviltpot for testing!


  • Added support for devkit and testkit on 3.65. All credits go to nowrep for offsets!


  • Added support for firmware 3.67


  • Added support for “xmc0:” which becomes important for users with SD2Vita on FW 3.68. Thanks to BenMitnicK!

** ATTENTION: ** If you use a custom configuration “ShellSecBat.txt”, the “Drives:” section should be updated to include the settings for this new partition (between the settings for partitions “uma0:” and “grw0: “).


  • Added 3.68 firmware support


Configuration support has been added, but can be performed via a “ShellSecBat.txt” file. Read the documentation for more information. 
Consequently, the “ShellDateSecBat” plugin has been removed because the same thing can be done through this configuration possibility (see the file “ShellDateSecBat / ShellSecBat.txt”).

Some new features have been added (their status can be changed with the configuration):

  • Possibility to have the year in the date display
  • Customizable separators for date and decimal display of the driving space
  • Support for the partitions “imc0” and “grw0” on the unit display
  • Automatically skip unmounted partitions
  • Possibility to change “free space” with “space occupied”
  • Customizable key combination to change the drive display


  • Added support for 3.65 and 3.60 firmware as a development kit unit


The battery percentage (previously set at 90%) is now hidden on PlayStation TV. 
All other features (date, seconds and available space) remain available on this type of model.

Percentage of hidden battery on PS TV


You can switch to displaying the status of the drives (total size and remaining space of ur0, ux0 and uma0) by pressing and holding SELECT + L or SELECT + R for at least one second.


Merger between the ShellBat and LastSeconds plugins (the code is based on ShellBat). 
Corrects the “12 hour” problem when these two plugins were combined manually.


Download the file. Start Vitashell and insert the file in  ux0: tai /

Insert the following string in the config.txt file under * main. Example:

* main 
ux0: tai / shellsecbat.suprx