[PS4] Infinix Package Installer Payload V1 Released

We have known for some time that the PS4 scene is among the most desperate scenes for those who have already upgraded to a firmware version greater than 5.05 / 5.07. Most users have thrown in the towel by updating to the latest firmware. always some developers who never give up releasing new payloads to simplify the launch of HEN and other payloads, more or less useful. A few hours ago, the developer LightningMods released infinix Package Installer Payload integrated with AlAzif’s DNS.

What it includes

All included together with  HEN 2.1

All included together with the  latest PS4FTP and all the changes added to PS4FTP for the installation package

First Payload plugin to contain all the dynamic transfers also known as the NID you need

Setup / Steps

  1. Change your DNS to that of AlAzif ( or your Hoster of your choice
  2. Download the installation tool for  Windows  or  Android
  3. Start the Infinix payload, enter your IP in the tool … then click on “Install Payload plugin”
  4. Restart Infinix Payload and install any desired Fake Signed Package or FPKG (remember to enable HEN)
  5. Enjoy yourselves