[SWITCH] Devilution-Nx Released V0.95

The lantus developer in these hours has released a new update of devilution-nx with the new version 0.95 beta. This is a port of the version of Diablo for PC brought on Nintendo Switch, a project called “Devilution”, which its author GalaXyHaXz nicknamed “Diablo Devolution”, it is based on the reverse engineering of the game contained in the original game disks, hidden in the DIABDAT.MPQ -> D1221A.MPQ -> DIABLO.EXE archive.

How to play:

  • Extract the contents of the diablo-nx.zip version on SDMC: diablo-nx switch
  • Copy DIABDAT.MPQ from the original Diablo game disc or from the GOG version.
  • Start diablo-nx.nro
  • Note: hold R on any installed game and run it. Do not use the photo album for the launch. If you use photo albums, the homebrew has only very little memory available and the touch keyboard does not work. This is for all homebrews, not just Diablo-NX.
  • Have a good time

Check Joycon

  • Analog left: Move Hero
  • Analog to the right: simulate the mouse
  • B: Attack nearby enemies, talk to citizens and merchants. Collect and leave items in the inventory. OK in the Menu
  • Y: Collect gold, potions and equipment from the ground, open trunks and doors that are nearby. Use the article when it is in the inventory (read books, etc.).
  • X: Cast Spell
  • A: Select Spell, Cancel in the Menu
  • R: Inventory
  • L: character
  • ZR: drink the mana potion
  • ZL: Drinking Heal Potion
  • Left analogue click: Quest Log
  • Right analogue click: left mouse click
  • Minus: Automap
  • More: game menu, Skip Intro

Touch controls

  • Drag with just one finger: move the mouse pointer (the pointer jumps to the finger)
  • A short touch: click with the left mouse button
  • One short touch by holding a second finger: click with the right mouse button
  • Drag with two fingers: drag’n’drop (the left mouse button is held down)
  • Drag with three fingers: drag’n’drop (the right mouse button is held down)


There are many bugs Check the code repository problems.


Other bug fixes. Thanks to rsn8887 and erfg12!

  • Prevents the pronunciation of “spell non rdy” in the exit dialog
  • Map L / R / A for char / inv / select the spell, closer to PS1
  • Map Button B to cancel in the menu and from A to OK
  • Avoid walking with dpads while talking to people
  • Allow button B to skip introduction (plus more)
  • Supports USB physical keyboards
  • Implement tactile controls
  • Improve the event code, correct the pointer of missing touch commands
  • Ensures that the touch keyboard does not function properly without the softlock
  • Swap A / B in the menu so that B is OK, A is cancel
  • Removes the hacks that are not needed with the management of new events
  • Use SDL_GameController for portability, make the touch portable
  • Simplify switch controller declarations
  • Use the SDL game controller also for menu navigation