[SWITCH] Apollo V0.1 Released

An additional homebrew is added to those available on Nintendo Switch consoles. After Goldleaf to name a few, the first initial version of Apollo comes from the evo-brut3 developer. Apollo is an Explorer Homebrew file for the Nintendo Switch. Its goal is to be the most convenient and reliable way to manage console files.

The current features of Apollo are:

  • Graphical user interface  : minimalist design based on the default hbmenu and the aesthetics of the official home menu.
  • Selection of articles  : a simple but mandatory function.
  • Copying files and directories  : before doing so, the application checks if the user is trying to overwrite files or directories that currently exist and then asks them to overwrite them.
  • Cancellation of the recursive directory  : it allows the complete deletion of the contents of the directories and obviously the deletion of the files.
  • Rename files and directories .
  • Ordering items  : in alphabetical or inverted order.

Scheduled features

Features planned for the next version:

  • Moving files and directories
  • Display of information on files and directories (size, permissions)
  • Sorting files by size and inverted
  • Remember the cursor position while browsing through folders
  • Viewing images
  • View text files
  • Extraction of .rar and .zip files
  • Create directories and files