TegraRcmGUI V2.6

The developer eliboa has released a new minor update of TegraRcmGUI in version 2.6. This application (even without installation) created thanks to the discoveries of rajkosto and ktemkin allows to inject payload in .bin format, inform when the console is in RCM, run linux on Nintendo Switch with ShofEL2  and install the APX device driver with a very simple and light graphic interface. I remind you that to use this program your Nintendo Switch must be in RCM mode with a paper clip (ground) from pin 10 connected to pin 9 , 7 or 1 or via cable as in the example or JIG


  • Inject payload, like CFW loader
  • Manage favorites
  • Run Linux on your Nintendo switch
  • Mount the device as a USB mass memory (read / write from / to SD card and NAND partitions, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to exit)
  • Dump BIS keys for decrypting eMMC content (rakkosto biskeydump)
  • Automatic injection option: automatically inject the payload after the selection or / and when the Switch is connected to the RCM mode (does not apply to startup)
  • Minimize the app’s shortcut menu
  • Option – Run the app when Windows starts
  • Install the APX device driver (if necessary)

Important Notice

This user interface is  for Windows only  . For other platforms, you can use:



  • This is a minor update, no new features.

The following has been changed since the last version:

  • biskeydump updated to v9 (Supports new tsec fw in 8.1.0)
  • embedded payloads updated to the latest version: Fusée, Hekate and ReiNX bootloaders
  • fixed an error while loading shofel2 coreboot


  • TegraRcmSmash updated to version 1.2.1-3
  • memloader updated to v3
  • Added rajkosto UMS samples to mount eMMC partitions
  • biskeydump v7 added: BIS keys dump for decoding the contents of eMMC
  • Adding the registration console
  • Fixed issue  # 22

Built-in payloads:

  • Primary fusee (Atmosphere bootloader)
  • Hekate CTCaer 4.6
  • ReiNX bootloader
  • SX loader (SX OS bootloader)


Added / Resolved:

  • The “RC = -50” bug should be fixed, finally
  • Prevention of multiple instances of TegraRcmGUI (after reboot / boot on Win10 with “Run on startup” option enabled, for example)
  • Re-implementation “Run at startup” + registry cleaning (modified from previous versions)

In the installer version don’t forget to save / replace “favorites.conf” (… / AppData / Roaming / TegraRcmGUI /) in case you want to keep your favorites


  • This version includes the  ReiNX payload  (follow  this guide  to install ReiNX CFW) and the  v2 memloader  (now takes 5  seconds  to exit UMS Tool)


  • Added option to run the app when Windows starts
  • Adding activates the autoinject option from the context menu of the tray icon
  • Added use of relative paths for favorites (portable version is now fully portable)
  • Fixed: non-utf-8 characters in the payload path that caused injection errors
  • cosmetic changes


Added / Fixed:

  • inject your favorite payloads from the context menu
  • prevent duplicate bookmarks
  • cosmetic changes


  • Manage favorites
  • Now you can minimize the shortcut menu from the app

+ Improvements to the overall system stability to improve the user experience


  • Added “Mount SD” function
  • Bug fixes and improvements

The binaries of TegraRcmSmash & SD Tool (by rajkosto) are included


  • The APX device driver is now included.
  • Fixed tabstops and minor bugs