[SWITCH] Hekate CTCaer Mod V5.0.0 And Nyx V0.8.0 Released

The developer CTCaer has released a new update of the modified version of hekate – CTCaer mod in version 5.0.0 with firmware support 8.1.0 and Nyx in version 0.8.0. Heate is an implementation of the HBL (homebrew Launcher) that you allows you to download the USER partition or the entire eMMC RAW as well as automatically start partial dumping (even on exFAT formatted SD cards), based on the available space. It supports both FAT32 and exFAT and the new firmware 8.1.0.Nyx is the hekate GUI. It contains many features, such as FastFS, emuMMC management, customization, etc.

Folders and Bootloader files

Folder / file Description
boot loader Main folder.
| __ bootlogo.bmp It is used when personalization is active and no logopath was found. It can be skipped.
| __ hekate_ipl.ini Main bootloader configuration and boot entries.
| __ update.bin If newer, it is loaded at startup. For modchips. It can be skipped.
bootloader / ini / For individuals. ‘More configurations …’. Autoboot is supported.
bootloader / sys / For system modules.
| __ libsys_lp0.bso LP0 (sleep mode) module. Important!
bootloader / payloads / For payloads. ‘Payloads’ menu. Autoboot supported only by including them in an ini. All CFW bootloaders, tools and Linux payloads are supported.
bootloader / libtools / Reserved future

Bootloader configuration

The bootloader can be configured via ‘bootloader / hekate_ipl.ini’ (if present on the SD card). Each ini section represents a boot entry, except for the special ‘config’ section that controls the global configuration.

There are four possible types of entries. ”  []  “: Boot entry, ”  {}  “: Caption, ”  #  “: Comment, ”  newline  “: cosmetic newline .ini.

Keys / configuration values ​​when the boot entry is  config :

Configuration option Description
autoboot = 0 0: Disable, #: start item number for automatic start.
bootwait = 3 0: Disable (Disable also bootlogo. Have  VOL-  pressed since the injection passes to the menu.), #: Waiting time for  VOL-  to access the menu.
customlogo = 0 0: use default hekate bootlogo, 1: use bootlogo.bmp.
verification = 2 0: Disable backup / restore verification, 1: Sparse (block based, fast and not 100% reliable), 2: complete (based on sha256, slow and 100% reliable).
autohosoff = 1 0: Disable, 1: If woken by HOS via an RTC alarm, show the logo, then turn off completely, 2: No logo, turn off immediately.
backlight = 100 Screen backlight level. 0-255.

Possible combinations of keys / boot entry values:

Configuration option Description
logopath = {SD path} If global customlogo is 1 and empty logopath, bootlogo.bmp will be used. If logopath exists, it will load the specified bitmap.
warmboot = {SD path} Replaces the warmboot binary file
secmon = {SD path} Replaces the safety monitor track
kernel = {path SD} Replaces the kernel binary file
kip1 = {SD path} Replaces / adds the initial kernel process. More can be set.
kip1 = {SD folder} / * Load each .kip / .kip1 into a folder. Compatible with single Kip1 keys.
kip1patch = name of the patch Enable a kip1 patch. Specify with multiple lines and / or as CSV. The patches implemented now are nosigchk, nogc
fullsvcperm = 1 Disable SVC verification (complete authorization to services)
DebugMode = 1 Enable debug mode
1 atmosphere = Enable the Atmosphère application
payload = {SD path} Payload launch. Tools, Linux, CFW bootloader, etc.

Nyx preview




  • Introducing Nyx v0.8.0
    Nyx is the hekate GUI. It contains many features, such as FastFS, emuMMC management, customization, etc. 
    See below for more information.
  • Support 8.1.0
  • emuMMC support
    Supports disabling it via boot entry (  emummc_force_disable=1), stock (not all fw ver supports it) and many others. 
    Works with raw SD partition and SD file based. (The SD file is extremely slow. Please wait FastFS 4 emuMMC). 
    This version can be securely closed and also supports multiple SD cards than before. 
    Thanks to a collaboration with  @ m4xw  ,  @SciresM  ,  @hexkyz  .
  • Supercharged startup times
    Even with emuMMC or kip1 patching, it is faster than before.
  • Supercharged Backup / Restore with FastFS (Nyx only)
    Backup and restore are now orders of magnitude faster. 
    Some examples (measured on a U3 SD): No verif: 9min, Sparse: 15min, etc. Even Full hash is extremely faster.
  • External KIP1 patching support Now unimportant patches
    reside outside the hekate binary. For now this can only correct the KIPs defined in the hekate code, with any new patch. The next versions will support other KIPs.
  • Many bug fixes

Nyx v0.8.0

  • Smooth and fluid user interface with touch support
    Yes! Works on BPMP!
  • There are all the classic launch options
  • emuMMC easily handles  
    changes  between raw partition emuMMCs and those based on SD files. 
    Create  file-based or raw partition based on eMMC via the Create button. 
    It is also possible to restore a backup directly to the sd partition using the Restore to tools option (outside of emuMMC), AFTER having activated it  SD emuMMC Raw Partition
    Migrate  other types of emunand (raw partition or sd file), restore existing raw partition configurations or migrate a backup (outside the recovery folder) to a sd based file. 
    Everything is currently done to protect Linux partitions.
    Furthermore, the raw based partition is executed in an offset of 16 MB, so it can be protected by fast formats.
  • All information and tools are now supercharged
    Dump individual kips from eMMC, see detailed information on fuses, make backups and restores faster, etc.
  • Customization Support Customized  icons for startup items and a background are  supported . (Check to know how to use them).
  • Many additions in automation. For example, Nyx will automatically dump pkg1 / 2 after a boot session.
  • Support for screenshots. Touch the screen with 3 fingers (no need to scroll).
  • And many many other smaller and larger features.

NOTE:  the emuMMC folders now contain nyx configurations. file_basede  raw_based. The first tells him that it is a file based on one and the other contains the sector of that emuMMC. 
NOTE 2:  this change log will be updated with the missing information.

Nyx and hekate TODO

Without a particular order:

  • Backup raw partition Sd
  • Migration from raw to sd and vice versa
  • Support offset of the clock as HOS
  • Temporarily disable emuMMC
  • Destructive SD partitioning
  • SD partitioning based on resizing
  • emuMMC resizing
  • Sd raw emuMMC on unallocated empty space support?
  • Quick start of the last selected start item
  • Support for themes
  • Support for Joycon

Check readme.md for more information.

NOTE:  You will need sept and a custom secmon and a warmboot baco file to start 7.0.0-8.1.0 or stock emuMMC.


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