[SWITCH] ReiNX V2.4 Released With Firmware Support 8.1.0

The developer Reisyukaku has released a new minor update of ReiNX CFW for Nintendo Switch in version 2.4. The CFW is equipped with standard features such as loading KIP, the Homebrew menu (via album) and LayeredFS support. Of course also on board there are patches for signatures and ES patches for the installation of unsigned tickets and the system modules come from Atmosphère. In this version the support for firmware 8.1.0 has been added

ATTENTION: if you want to enable the ‘nogc’ patch, create an empty file called ‘nogc’ (without extension) in the / ReiNX folder.


Insert the folder  ReiNXin the root of the SD card of the switch and run  ReiNX.binwith your favorite fusee launcher.

Official guide

The official guide is available at this address


  • Upload all KIPs from the folder /ReiNX/sysmodules/
  • Optional custom kernel / secmon / warmboot
  • Default kips with exir redir from /ReiNX/title/{tid}


  • Naehrwert for the hardware initialization code and generally useful!
  • CTCaer and st4rk also for their contribution to the hardware code!
  • SciresM for kernel processes!
  • The community for your support!



  • Support 8.1
  • Added stabilityTM


  • Fix a bug on sleep mode on 8.0.x.


  • 8.0.0 support
  • The version string is back!
  • Better shutdown from HOS
  • Save redir
  • TM stability


  • Correct patch
  • Fixed the black screen problem that some people had


  • Support 7.0.x.
  • JIT Patch
  • support for exo / lp0fw
  • stability ™


  • Added support for firmware 6.2.0
  • warmboot w / sig checks disabled
  • partial implemented services tx, ldr: cht, usbfs
  • Recovery chainload
  • landscape gfx
  • all default active kips (required)
  • many stability updates (TM)


  • Only a time-limited splash screen change until the end of October .. and TM stability updates


  • The fs_mitm hooks added full support to 6.0.0
  • The ReiNX debug text is shown only if it starts in verbose mode (hold vol- at startup)
  • Start ReiNX without an SD card
  • All kips are compiled and grouped with ReiNX. The toolkit can be used to enable / disable them. (alternatively, move them from sysmodules.dis to sysmodules and vice versa)

Technical changes:

  • Rewritten kernel patcher


  • Self-chainloading: allows the user to update his payload file without having to update the payload pushed through the PC (required for the toolkit – on arrival).
  • Process Manager disables telemetry
  • fs_mitm (LayeredFS) no longer active by default
  • Partial support 6.0 – Unsupported LayeredFS, some problems remain with the suspend mode
  • ReiNX customized version string
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor changes have been made to improve the user experience ™