[SWITCH] Atmosphère V0.9.1 Released Which Adds Firmware Support 8.1.0

Important update of Atmosphère released a few minutes ago by the developer SciresM with the new version 0.9.1  . The big news is the addition of firmware 8.1.0 support, but “does not add” any fix to the emummc. ‘use of this new feature in future versions. To update or install this new version I recommend this guide from our friends at Nintendomoddingitalia. If you are an advanced user, look forward to a new version of Kosmos


Atmosphère consists of several components, each of which replaces / modifies a different component of the system:

  • Fusée: Loader of the first phase, responsible for loading and validating phase 2 (custom TrustZone) plus package 2 (the sysmodules Kernel / FIRM) and their application based on need. This replaces all features normally in Package1loader / NX Bootloader.
    • Sept: payload used to enable support for derivation of the runtime key on 7.0.0.
  • Exosphère: Customized TrustZone, to run a customized secure monitor
  • Thermosphère: ELu EmuNAND support, ie backup and use of virtualized / redirected NAND images
  • Stratosphère: Custom Sysmodule (s), both in Rosalina style to extend the kernel / provide new features and the style of re-implementation of the loader to hook important actions of the system
  • Troposphère: application-level Horizon operating system patches used to implement desirable CFW features



  • Support has been added for firmware 8.1.0.
  • Please note, emummc is still considered  beta / experimental  – this is not the inevitable bugfix update, even though some bugs have been fixed. 🙂
  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.


  • The output of Creport has been significantly improved.
    • Thread names are now downloaded in the event of a crash beyond 0x100 of TLS from each thread.
      • This significantly helps debug crashing efforts.
    • Support for 32-bit stackframes has been added, so reports can be generated for 32-bit games.
  • dmntCheat VM has been extended to add a new debug opcode.
  • Thanks to / collaboration with @ m4xw and @CTCaer, support for redirecting NAND to the SD card (emummc) has been added.
    • Note that this support is very  beta / experimental  .
      • It is quite possible that we have not identified all the bugs – those will be corrected as they are reported in the coming days / weeks.
      • Furthermore, some subtleties (for example having a separate Atmosphere folder per emummc instance) still need some reflection before they can be implemented in a way that makes everyone happy.
      • If you are not an advanced user, wait for the inevitable update of bug fix 0.9.1 before using emummc as the default boot option.
        • In particular, it is advisable to consider waiting if you are using Atmosphere on a drive with the patched RCM bug.
    • Emummc is managed by modifying the emummc section of “emummc / emummc.ini”.
      • To enable emummc, set  emummc!emummc_enabled= 1.
    • Support is included for redirecting NAND to a partition on the SD card.
      • This can be done by setting  emummc!emummc_sectorthe initial sector of the partition (eg  emummc_sector = 0x1A010000).
    • Support for redirecting NAND to a collection of files not stored on the SD card is also included.
      • This can be done by setting  emummc!emummc_paththe folder (with the archive bit set) containing the rawnand images of boot0, boot1 and 00/01.
    • The  Nintendocontent directory can be arbitrarily redirected.
      • By default, it will be redirected to  emummc/Nintendo_XXXX, where  XXXXis the hexadecimal representation of the emummc ID.
        • The current emummc ID can be selected by changing  emummc!emummc_idto emummc.ini.
      • This can be set to any arbitrary directory by setting  emummc!emummc_nintendo_path.
    • To create a usable backup for emummc, users can use the tools provided by the hekate project   .
    • If, when using emummc, a bug occurs,  please be sure to report it  – this is the only way we can fix it. 🙂