Vitashell 1.51 phát hành |

What’s Vitashell?

Vitashell is a file manager for the PSVita developed by developer “TheFlow” (aka that one that never stops working for the community). It’s quite an old piece of homebrew as it was initially released in the Rejuvinate days (3.5x) and ironically, it become more associated with HENkaku rather than anything else. Vitashell was written with the help of the Vita2D library and it includes a decent GUI that’s customisatiable via themes. You may toggle between FTP and USB modes in VitaShell 1.5 or newer. With VitaShell, you can also listen to music, view pictures, compress files and extract ZIP and RAR files.


What changed/got fixed?

The following is the changlelog of VitaShell 1.51:

  • Fixed bug where ‘Please wait…’ was shown instead of a specifc USB message.
  • Fixed VPK installation crash.
  • Fixed bug where ‘theme.txt’ was always reset.
  • Updated to newest libftpvita.

All the bugs listed proved to be quite an annoyance for users so it’s recommended you update to this version as soon as possible. The community thanks developer “TheFlow” for working a lot in order to support and develop the community.

If you can’t get it via Online Automatic Updating (no internet connection), you can get it directly from TheFlow’s github page: (Don’t get this from an untrusted source as it’s unsafe homebrew since it access all system partitions).

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