VitaFlux trình thay đổi màu cho psvita (f.lux)

The OLED (1k) Vitas have quite an annoying issue with their screen.. it’s too bright. While it’s awesome while playing when there’s light, I find it to hurt my eyes in the dark. Plugin ‘VitaFlux’ by ‘Davis9278’ does a similar job to f.lux so as to stop your eyes from hurting.


What is VitaFlux?

VitaFlux is a plugin for the Vita that works in a similar fashion to f.lux,Night Shift (iOS) and LiveDisplay (Cyanogenmod). This means that a filter is applied on your screen to avoid white light directly in your eyes in the dark as it’s both harmful and could be quite annoying for some. VitaFlux lets you apply an orange filter (preferably with the lowest brightness setting) in order to save your eyes from hurting.  Using it is pretty simple, while playing a game, you need to press ‘START+SELECT’ at the same time go get the menu and use the right or left button on the d-pad to toggle the filter; pressing circle exits the menu. Some users have reported that it slows down their games so that may be an issue unfortunately.

Project Diva with VitaFlux menu at the top. Getting some screen tearing with it enabled (not shown in picture)


How do I get it?

Getting is pretty simple, if you have a PSVita (both models/1-2k) on 3.60. This plugin needs taiHEN of course. Download the plugin (vflux.suprx) on your computer, copy it to your Vita via FTP/USB and then edit the taiHEN ‘config.txt’ file accordingly. It’s a tad awkward right now as you have to write in the title ID manually but hopefully, we’ll get an update that takes care of that for you.


NOTE: This is the first release, there ought to be issues. Be civil and simply report them to the author ?


/talk thread:

GitHub download/Instructions page:

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