VitaDB Beta – VPK repository

What exactly is VitaDB?

It’s quite a simple website/service. You are allowed to download VPKs for your Vita from one place! It is essentially the same idea as VPKMirror but this time around, it’s much more up to date. It doesn’t seem that you can download VPKs off your PSVita just yet or if there are any plans to add that feature in the future. It’s important to note that you still need a computer to get the VPKs to install on your Vita as this is simply a website that saves you a lot of time looking around for VPKs.

The infamous unsafe VPK installation message!


How to use it?

Using it is pretty simple of course, you need to go to the website on a computer or mobile device and download away. After you grab the VPKs you want, you need to copy them over to your Vita via USB or FTP. This service can be considered as a pretty safe service so you don’t have to worry about getting malware on your device. Have fun and happy downloading! Remember that this is in BETA so don’t expect it to be totally bug free. If you find bugs, calm down and contact Rinnegatamante or post on the Wololo /talk forums post for help!


VitaDB Website:

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