VitaCord – PSVita client for Discord released!

The PSVita has quite a decent variety of homebrew but occasionally something we weren’t expecting pops up. This time, it’s VitaCord which is a client for the popular chatting service called ‘Discord’ by /talk user ‘JhonDoeA’.

What’s VitaCord?

This is a Discord client for the Vita that’s not completely finished so not all features are available. Currently, you can do this stuff with the client:

  • You may select a server/channel from a list of your channels
  • It works with Discord’s 2 Factor Authentication
  • You can read the last 50 messages in the channel you’re in
  • You can send messages to the channel you’re in
  • More in the future!

Current UI while chosing the channel

The GUI is relatively primitive but this may quickly change as developer ‘Arkanite’, who’s developed VitaPad++ amongst some other homebrew, has some cool suggestions with libvita2d for the homebrew. In my opinion, it’s quite awesome to see such a client on the Vita because it could make the Vita a decent platform to send messages to people.

Right now, using the browser to send messages to others is a tad clunky and Skype doesn’t even work on 3.65 and it won’t work with Microsoft accounts. I seriously hope that the UI suggested by ‘Arkanite’ gets implemented because that would make this homebrew a good messenger for the Vita. Maybe we’ll a version for Facebook/Twitter to replace the outdated versions on PSN for who has them.

Arkanite’s suggestions

How do I get it?

It’s pretty simple to get it via VitaDB. The easiest way is to use Vita Homebrew Browser but if you want, you can just download the VPK to a computer and install the VPK by copying it over to your Vita via USB/FTP. Make sure you report any issues to developer ‘JhonDoeA’ and don’t nag him too much to hurry up! The developer ‘JhonDoeA’ also thanks Arkanite, Rinnegatamante, xyz, dave, noname120, T3CHNOLOGIC, XandridFire and SKGleba amongst others for their help.

Download link (GitHub – 1.04 as of this post):

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