VitaBright (Dim screen further) and VitaBattery 1.1 update

It seems that plugin devs have woken up now. That is after the GekiHEN contest, in which there were only 2 plugins by the same developer. VitaBright, by ‘devnoname120’ who’s also the developer of Vita Homebrew Browser, lets you relax your eyes without a performance penalty or any issues (unlike vitaFlux). VitaBattery is by ‘Joel16’ / ‘sauske_firekid’ on Wololo /talk forums (and which we mentioned earlier here) . It lets you know how much battery ya have left instead of having to rely on Sony’s dodgy estimates.


What’s VitaBright?

It’s a very simple plugin that allows you to lower the brightness of the Vita’s screen below the official minimum. This is very useful for those, like me, that own a Vita 1000 and can’t stand the brightness when in the dark. The plugin makes the Vita easier on the eyes since the OLED Vita has a very bright display. Using it is pretty easy, just install it and lower the brightness via the quick menu to the minimum (take the brightness slider to the far left – You’ll see a big difference between the extreme far left and less extreme if the plugin’s working as it should). To install it, you have to add it in the taiHEN config.txt file under the ‘KERNEL’ section. Simply download from the link below! This is an experimental plugin so issues may arise! Only issue I’ve had till now is that I had to lower the brightness to the hacked minimum again after locking the screen. Be civil and report any issues that may arise to the developer.

PSVita Quick Menu

What’s VitaBattery 1.1?

It’s another simple but good to have plugin ? This one lets you see the proper battery life (not the official estimate that doesn’t really show much) while in game along with an Estimated Play Time. After installing it, you have to press ‘SELECT+Up’ for the battery percentage and ‘SELECT+Right’ to see how much time you have left. Pressing ‘SELECT+down/left’ close the information displays you pop up. You must set the plugin to activate per game! To get it, simply follow the instructions linked below. Version 1.1  brings battery life time so you should update to that to get all the features.



Both plugins are quite simple but quite useful so I’d suggest you try them out. Follow the links below to get them:


Reddit VitaBright release post:

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