VITABattery plugin hiện phần trăm pin cho psvita

What is VITABattery?

I never liked the idea that the PS VITA never displayed your current battery status as a percentage. They never gave us an option to at at least use it a feature that can be turned on or off either. Fear not, as I have decided to release a simple light weight plugin packed with a nifty little feature that lets you do just that. This ‘nifty little feature’ simply displays the battery status in time (hours and mins remaining).


Battery percentage being displayed in-game.



Put “batteryPercent.suprx” in ux0:/tai folder in your PS Vita.

Open ux0:/tai/config.txt and add the following:

# titleid for your application

Then press (Select + Up) to view your battery percentage, or (Select + Right) to view your battery life time. You can use either (Select + Down) or (Select + Left) to close either of the displays.


Please note for the battery status in time, this approximation may not always be correct. For example at some point it can jump from 6 hours remaining to 5 or 4 hours especially if you tend to use sleep mode a lot. However as you continue using your PS VITA, a somewhat average timing should appear.


The download link can be found over at my GitHub here. Feel free to discuss, or report issues on

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