ViiMote Beta 5.1 ra mắt, plugin hỗ trợ tay cầm wii cho psvita |

What is ViiMote?

ViiMote is a plugin for taiHEN/taiHENkaku created by developer Xerpi. This plugin patches system functions to allow for the pairing of a WiiMote for use with your PS Vita.

Changelog for Beta 5.1

Beta 3.2:

Add proper Bluetooth pairing (use 1+2 to pair).
Fix Nunchuk reconnect bug.
Now it should be compatible with ALL the Wiimotes (including 3rd party ones).

Beta 4:

Reset auto-suspend timer when buttons or touch change. (no more screen dimming when using the controller)
Use ctrl emulation functons instead of hooking (buttons and analogs), this means that the PS button works now.
Reduce thread stack and mempool sizes (smaller footprint)
Reset input emulation data when disconnecting

Beta 5:

Add Classic Controller support (not tested)

Beta 5.1

Fix Classic Controller
Map ZL and ZR to Volume up/Volume down



1.Enable viimote.skprx in taiHEN’s config.txt
2.Go to Setting -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices
3.Press 1+2 on the Wiimote during 2 seconds
4.The Wiimote will connect automatically (don’t press over it when it appears)

Note: When the Wiimote connects for the first time, it will get somewhat paired to the Vita, if you disconnect it and you want to connect it again, you must delete the pairing by pressing over it and then selecting Delete.

Download ViiMote

To download ViiMote you can do one of two things: either head to the release thread over at the wololo forums or head to Xerpi‘s GitHub release page to download the plugin. If you have suggestion or bugs reports, I’d advise you to do so on the release thread. If you want to directly download the vpk, just click here.

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