Trackplug 1.1 cho PSVita ra mắt

Plugins, plugins and more plugins. Lately, the PSVita plugin scene has been exploding. This time however, it’s an update to a relatively old plugin that featured in GekiHEN. Trackplug by ‘Rinnegatamante’ has been updated to version 1.1 to, amongst other things, be fully compatible with taiHEN.


What’s Trackplug?

Simply put, this plugin lets you see how much time you’ve spent playing a specific game or using a specific homebrew as from this update. This plugin requires you to install a companion VPK so you can easily keep track of what you’re doing. I personally think that it’s a good plugin for you to analyse where your time has been disappearing to as of late ;p


What’s been updated in Trackplug 1.1?

These are the changes:

  • Trackplug is now fully compatible with taiHEN
  • This update lets you track homebrews too, not only games
  • The new companion application now creates the required files at ux0:data itself
  • Thanks to the update, the companion app should load faster
  • Some bug fixes and homebrew was updated to latest lpp-vita nightly

This update, especially homebrew support, makes this plugin more appealing.

How do I get it?

Installation is a tad more tricky for this plugin! These are the steps:

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Install the VPK via VitaShell
  3. Copy the plugin files (skprx and suprx files) to ux0:tai
  4. Enter the path of the skprx file under the *KERNEL section of ‘config.txt’
  5. Enter the path of the suprx file under the  *ALL (or whichever game/homebrew you wish to track) of ‘config.txt’
  6. Reboot your Vita or refresh taiHEN by reloading the config file via MolecularShell

That’s about it. Trackplug should be running in background and it should log individual homebrew/game usage time on its own. Simply open the companion application and you can see where your time has disappeared to ? As always, report issues to ‘Rinnegatamante”

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