TouchRemap plugin released for the PSVita – Take control of the touchscreens on your Vita!

The PSVita’s touchscreens, especially the rear touchpad, have always people questioning their usability and now, you’re in control when it comes to how you want to use them. Thanks to Rinnegatamante’s TouchRemap, two plugins (WDNR and WDNF) have been integrated into one.


What’s TouchRemap?

TouchRemap is a plugin for PSVita consoles running FW 3.60 and taiHEN. As this plugin deals with the touch functionality of the portable Vita console, it will not be of any use on PSTV consoles. The plugin has five easy to understand modes that it can operate in:

  1. Default: Both the rear touchpad and the front touchpad are enabled and work as usual
  2. Frontpad -> Rearpad: The rearpad is disabled and the frontpad acts as the rearpad
  3. Rearpad -> Frontpad: The frontpad is disabled and the rearpad acts as the frontpad
  4. Inverted pads: The front touchpad is redirected to the rear touchpad AND the rear touchpad is redirected to the front touchpad.
  5. Frontpad disabled: The front touchpad is disabled (same functionality as WDNF)
  6. Rearpad disabled: The rear touchpad is disabled (same functionality as WDNR)

To change the mode of operation you need to press START, TRIANGLE and CROSS simultaneously which is a little awkward especially on Phat Vitas with the small START/SELECT buttons.

How do I install it?

To install the plugin, you have to do the following:

  1. Download the plugin from the link below.
  2. Copy it to your PSVita via FTP/USB.
  3. Add the line “ux0:tai/TouchRemap.suprx” if you placed the plugin in that directory under the *ALL section which you may have to add yourself.
  4. Reload config.txt via MolecularShell
  5. Profit!

When you press the button combo, you’ll get a message notifying you that you have changed the mode of operation in the top right of the screen.

TouchRemap message on screen

The plugin only seems works in homebrew and not system-wide. It’s also important to mention that when you press the combo, the running application will take it as normal button presses and it may go a little haywire. I can confirm that it works properly in the homebrew game called “Flood It!” If you have any issues with the plugin, just report them to Rinnegatamante on Twitter.


Download link:

Wololo thread:

GitHub page:

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