Tool PS4Payload IP Patcher with Source Code by PS4 Dev Black Panther |

This weekend PlayStation 4 developer @Black Panther released a PS4Payload IP Patcher v1 with source code which scans the payload for a byte pattern of 192.168 allowing the user to overwrite it with your own where applicable.



Download: PS4PayloadIPEditor.exe (15 KB) / PS4PayloadIPEditor v1.01 (15 KB) / (108.06 KB) / v1.01 (109.5 KB)

To quote from Black Panther: I made this tool for those lazy people who don’t want/don’t know how to recompile payloads/hex edit the IPs themselves.

It’s pretty bare-bones at the moment I suppose I could add more advanced options to it, but for now I think it’s good enough.

All it does is search the payload for the byte pattern of 192.168 and lets you write over those bytes with your own IP address.

Somethings to note:

It currently only searches for the IP prefixes of ‘192.168’ so if the payload was compiled with an IP different than those prefixes, it will throw an error. However, I don’t see why someone would have their PS4 on any other prefix than 192.168

Thanks to both @HydrogenNGU and @Nesterwork in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the news!




PS4Payload IP Patcher with Source Code by PS4 Dev Black Panther.png


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