[SWITCH] SwitchExplorer V1.1.1 Released: A Simple Utility For Exploring / Extracting NCA, NSP And XCI!

Another fantastic update of the application for Nintendo Switch, SwitchExplorer in version 1.1.1 comes from simonmkwii. If you are looking for a windows tool that can explore / extract NCA, NSP and XCI with a simple GUI, SwitchExplorer is the tool that makes for you because it facilitates various operations of extraction of a single file / folder, total or ExeFS.The program lists all your files on the left, while the list on the right gives you the opportunity to have a preview and the ability to start file in bfstm format.


  • It makes datamining extremely easy.
  • Reproduction BFSTM.
  • Extract individual folders, files, ExeFS or all.
  • Automatically find the main nca inside XCI or NSP and open it.
  • Support for the update
  • You can open XCI, NSP and NCA directly from the explorer and load it into the program.


  • Make sure you have the prod.keys file and the title.keys file in <Home Folder> /.
  • Open an NCA, XCI or NSP …
  • ???
  • Finished!


  • Organize the title.keys file like this: <Rights ID> = <Titlekey>
  • Organize the prod.keys file in this way: <Formal Name> = <Key>


  • hotfix
  • Improved reading NSP / XCI, much more accurate this time through its CNMT.
  • Checking the NCA analysis, you can get the title information and the Control icon when applicable.
  • Meta export, can export the list of files, icon or NACP as raw or as JSON.
  • Improvements to the stability of the overall system to improve the user experience.




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