ReNXpack V1.01 Released

The The-4n developer best known for its magnificent tool of Nintendo Switch, released in reNXpack 1.01.reNXpack version is a tool based on hactool of SciresM to repackage the NSP file for Nintendo Switch to be compatible on lower firmware.


  • Recreate games, updates and dlcs with the lowest encryption keys
  • Convert titlekey encrypted tokens to encrypted ncas standards
  • The patch requires the firmware version and the required application version on zero
  • Supports nsp containing more games, updates and dlcs


You should upload your keyset file with the -ko –keyset option followed by a path or place your keyset file with the name “keys.dat” in the same folder as reNpackpack 
The required keys are:

Key name Description
header_key NCA header key
key_area_key_application_xx Encryption keys of the application key area
titlekek_xx Coding keys for the title key

By default, the nsp files created are in the same folder as reNXpack with the file name “titleid_reNXpack.nsp” 
You can change the output directory with the -o option, -outdir 
reNXpack creates the “renxpack_extracted_nsp” folder as the temp directory , delete the contents of the directory before and after the conversion 
If you use the option -t, –tempdir to choose a temporary directory, make sure it is an empty directory and that it is not the same as the output directory otherwise reNXpack deletes it

*nix: ./renxpack [options...] <path_to_file.nsp>  
Windows: .\renxpack.exe [options...] <path_to_file.nsp>  
-k, --keyset             Set keyset filepath, default filepath is ./keys.dat  
-h, --help               Display usage  
-t, --tempdir            Set temporary directory path  
-o, --outdir             Set output directory path  


This software is licensed under the terms of the ISC license. 
A copy of the license can be found in the LICENSE file.



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