Released An Update On The Source Code Of Chronoswitch V7.0

Two years have passed since the release of CFW 6.61 Infinity (with perma-patch) from developer Davee, a few days ago a source code update was released on the Github pages of Chronoswitch.Chronoswitch is an application that allows you to perform the downgrade of the PSP to a lower firmware, useful for those who want to use old plugins or homebrews released in the past for firmware 6.20.The tool is compatible with all PSP models even the most “recent” ones like 2000v3, 3000, Go and Street. installation I suggest you read the rest of the article.


  • Download and extract the latest version. Copy the folder PSPto your memory stick. You need to update the firmware for the version you want to downgrade to. If you want to downgrade to 6.20, you need the official update 6.20. If you are downgrading a PSPgo, be sure to download the appropriate official firmware for that device.
  • Copy the official firmware update PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBPto your memory stick. If you are using a PSPgo, make sure it is copied to the internal memory.
  • The downgrader is “signed” and can be started without having installed a custom firmware. Once the application is executed, follow the instructions on the screen.


Version 7.0

  • Added support for Infinity.

Version 6.1

  • Added support for unit downgrades from 11g to 6.60.

Version 6.0

  • Added support for 6.61.

Version 5.0

  • Added support for unit downgrades from 09g to 6.20.




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