PSVitaDock V3.2 And RemotePC Released

What is PSVitaDock?

PSVitaDock is a new PC program designed for PSVITA that eliminates the possibility of using additional applications such as OBS Studio, to stream from PSVita to PC with all the best settings for smoother gameplay and with the audio support of your computer. The app takes advantage of the xerpi UDCD USB Class plug-in, so make sure you have it installed on PSVita. Also with the new version 3.2 it detects if you have connected or disconnected PsVita on your computer and automatically starts the PSVitaDock streaming app.


The app takes advantage of the xerpi UDCD USB Class plugin, so make sure you have it installed on PSVita.

  • Download  the xerpi plugin  or download Autoplugin
  • Start Autoplugin and select Install Plugin
  • Select life udcd uvc of xerpi
  • Press X to install it
  • Download PSVitaDock  :
  • Connect your PSVita to the microphone input or audio input of your computer. To make the application recognize  the audio input of the PSVita  go to PC to  audio settings  then  the recording  find which is your PSVita, for example ”  Line-In Microphone front  ” or ”  Audio Line-In back  ” double click and  rename it  with adding the suffix or prefix “PSVita”, so it should be like ”  Audio Line-In Rear PSVita  “.

There is a great chance that your computer has a Realtek audio interface so it does not matter if you connect it to mic input (pink) or line-in input (blue) in case you connect it to the microphone input be sure to choose the input microphone to work as an input line from the Realtek panel because the microphone input is sensitive and the sound is strong.

  • Launch PSVitaDock and have fun  !


  • Enter  ( Enter key): show “Options Menu”.
  • ESC  (Escape): go to full screen or in window.
  • TAB  : change the quality from HQ or vice versa.


A file on the program documentation is available here

Known problems

  • At the moment a green watermark line on the screen creates some problems in watching streaming
  • if you connect an external sound card like USB headphones, for example while playing the app it may freeze.



  • Fixed error in quality indexing after updating  life-udcd-uvc 1.2  . 
  • Possibility to automatically start PSVitaDock on life by connecting to the computer.


  • Now you can change the settings directly from PSVita


  • Fixed some problems,  now has a sharper image  .


  • without more audio latency! I found and fixed a memory leak, I  reported the  audio support   that was removed from the psvitadockfix version, the “No audio” icon goes away by itself now.
  • is  the Options menu, added the  ability to improve the saturation and contrast of colors (on / off), the ‘  activation of sharpness  (  Sharpness and AA  can not go back after use)  ,  a switch ”  Retro Style  ” it basically makes the image seem like a crt tv.
  • Now in window mode, the aspect ratio of the window is locked to 16: 9, so it will not stretch to a non-16: 9 monitor.



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