[PSVITA] Released NoNpDrm V1.4

From a fork of NoNpDrm of the developer TheFlow comes an unofficial update of NoNpDrm in version 1.4 from LMAN.NoNpDrm is the heir of Vitamin (the developer calls it Vitamin 3.0), a plugin able to activate your games purchased regularly in case your PSVITA is no longer active and will bypass the DRM and share any digital game. The features listed below are recommended to read the disclaimer.


  • Export license keys for PS Vita content with a fake license.
  • It will bypass the expiration of PlayStation Plus and other temporary licenses.
  • Allows you to run trial versions as full versions.
  • Allows the sharing of PFS encrypted content (unmodified non-decoded games) across multiple PS Vita accounts and devices using generated license files.
  • Imported games behave like games purchased and allow the use of game updates without any problems downloaded from Sony Interactive Entertainment Network (PlayStation Network) provided that these updates are performed on firmware 3.60 and below.
  • Games can also be stripped of their PFS encryption using tools like vitamin, just like any other game purchased.
  • Use of applications purchased on deactivated devices.

In a nutshell, this plugin allows you to ignore DRM protection on any PS Vita content.



  • Fixed an issue with DLC license generation by Fumu-no-Kagomeko.


  • Added support for generating fake license files for themes.
  • Added support to verify the existence of fake license files before generating it.


  • Added support for generating fake license files for themes.
  • Added support to verify the existence of fake license files before generating it.

This software DOES NOT

  • Allows changes to your games / applications.
  • Work with PFS decoded content (like games downloaded using applications like Vitamin or MaiDumpTool).
  • Allows application / use of content to run without a valid license or fake license file.
  • Works with PlayStation Portable or PlayStation 1 titles (if you want to play those titles, you could look at the  Adrenaline software  ).
  • It works with applications that run only firmware 3.61 or later.

Legal disclaimer

  • The removal and distribution of DRM content and / or the avoidance of copy protection mechanisms for any other purpose than the archiving / storage of games that hold licenses is illegal.
  • This software is intended to be strictly confidential for your personal PERSONAL use   .
  • The author assumes no responsibility for your actions using this software.

Software requirements

This software will only work on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Vita TV, PlayStation TV devices running on firmware 3.60, the taiHEN and HENkaku framework must be running on your device, for more information please connect to  https://henkaku.xyz/
For all the possibilities described below, you need to use  VitaShell v1.6  or higher for faster transfers. 
VitaShell allows you to mount the PS Vita memory card or game card on your PC via USB. 
On a PS TV device, you can mount a USB flash drive and copy the files to  uma0:.All my work is voluntary and non-profit, but you can support my work by making a small donation – no matter how small, I would be very grateful! Just pay attention to what you write me in the message;) Donation Link

Special thanks

  • Thanks to the HENkaku molecule team and thanks to  yifanlu  for taiHEN
  • Thanks to  Mathieulh  for the beta test and helped me write this readme


Source and download:

LMAN for the unofficial version 1.4

Github for the official version of TheFlow

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