[PSVITA] Released HH-Vita V3.0 “Genesis”

Before reading the article, the use of this application is reserved for an adult audience.

The developer SKGleba has released HH-Vita (acronym for Hentai-Haven) with the new version 3.0.HH-Vita is an unofficial application of the HentaiHaven site to watch / download the porn / erotica manga series directly on PSVITA / PSTV.


  • Simple and intuitive GUI
  • Watch / download full-length movies in various resolutions (typically 360p / 480p / 720p / 1080p)
  • Support for background download
  • The downloaded movies are automatically added to the PLAYER gallery of the built-in PSvita
  • Password lock (optional)
  • “One-hand mode” / “Left-hand mode”
  • A “safe” version with “MP4 Player” livery (optional).


  • Main menu (list of available series):
    • UP / DOWN – Navigate up / down
    • L / R – Load previous / next page (14 entries)
    • Cross – Load the information menu of the highlighted series
    • Select – Access the “Settings” menu
    • Start (normal mode) – Show a dialog box where you can view your MP4 online (enter your http link)
    • Right (one-handed mode): loads the information menu of the highlighted series


  • Series Info Menu:

    • UP / DOWN – Navigate up / down
    • L / R (normal mode): loads the information menu of the previous / next series
    • L (one-handed mode) – come back
    • Left / Right – Previous / Next Episode (in one-handed mode: press and hold to load the previous / next series information menu)
    • Cross – choose the highlighted option (Watch / Download / Open in browser / Back)
    • Circle – come back
    • Select – Access the “Advanced Information” menu
    • Start (one-handed mode) – Choose the “Watch” option


  • Advanced information menu:

    • Circle – go back (or L in one-handed mode)
    • Start: start the first episode


  • “Watch” / “Download” submenu (res list available):

    • UP / DOWN – Navigate up / down
    • Cross – choose the highlighted res (or START in one-handed mode)
    • Circle – come back


  • Settings Menu:

    • UP / DOWN – Navigate up / down
    • Cross: choose the highlighted option
    • Circle – come back


  • Movie Player / WebBrowser (in addition to built-in commands):

    • Circle / PS Button – Exit the PLAYER / browser (HH-Vita is still running)



  • The “safe” version:




  • coderx3 / devingDev “I’ve just coded the JSON thing”
  • Team Molecule
  • HentaiHaven Team


  • If you get a “Can not play this video”, try lower resolution
  • If a link is dead, create a problem here or contact me on Twitter
  • You can enter your db in ux0: data / hhapp / udb.json
  • You can remove the password by deleting the / pwd / directory from ux0: data / hhapp /
  • The character used in the background is “Mitake Ran” (so everyone calls it HH-Chan). You can find more information about yourself under this link:  https://danbooru.donmai.us/wiki_pages/86917
  • In the “Secure” version, if you enter a valid http mp4 link, you will be able to watch it
  • For any serious help / problem DM me on Twitter (twitter.com/skgleba)
  • If you want to help me by donating: paypal.me/skgleba (^ _ ^ thx)
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