PSVita Game card to microSD adapter available for order tonight

Important disclaimer from Aurora: While I have contacted the producer on Reddit and he seems to be a nice person,  I can’t guarantee anything. The final decision is yours and yours only; you’re protected via PayPal’s buyer protection but if you’re still concerned, get one from elsewhere. It is recommended you read PayPal’s terms and conditions when it comes to buyer protection to understand your rights!


As was announced about two weeks ago in the beginning of July, the game card adapter is now with us thanks to Reddit member “moredrugsmore3somes”.

What’s the game card to microSD adapter?

The game card to microSD adapter is based on xyz’s designs that work with motoharu’s software patches. Both the source code of the patches and the schematics of the adapter are on xyz’s GitHub page so you can flick through them.

Thanks to this adapter, you can give up on expensive Vita memory cards that cost too much for too little. We’re talking about around $40 for a 16GB card when you can get a more reliable and faster microSD card for a fraction of the price! To use this adapter, you only need to put it in your game card slot, run HENkaku (you should have the plugin in ur0 so you can use the microSD adapter without the Vita memory card) and there you have it! Your microSD should be mounted as ux0 now. Thanks to an update a little while ago, it seems that you can even use your Vita memory card (as ux0) and microSD (as uma0) at the same time; learn more by following the link below!

Great! How do I get it?

First of all, the adapter is $17; YES, it was originally slated to be sold for $10 but due to PayPal fees and shipping with tracking, the price got raised. Now, it’s $2 more expensive than Srident’s adapter but we still don’t have a final price on that so we can’t just to conclusions. In my opinion, $17 is still a good price as it saves you the numerous headaches of official PSVita memory cards.

International shipping should be available and payment will obviously be done via PayPal so buyer protection will be handled that way. Follow the link below to order your game card to microSD adapter! Check out @PSFR33D0M on Twitter and instgram account @TheModsiahHasReturned to get the password to the website to get the adapater later tonight after some further testing ?


150 are available for order so Good luck!

Website to order from:

Reddit article about being able to use both storage mediums:

Twitter account:

Instagram account:


The official compiled plugin for the adapter is included in the description of the website to order from. Stay tuned for a review later on ?

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