PSVIMGTOOLS-Frontend v0.4 ra mắt

PSVIMGTools lets users of firmwares higher than 3.60 the ability to make their Vitas more useful. Thanks to Yifan Lu’s psvimgtools, one can install some stuff via alternate means on higher firmwares (and on 3.60) but not everybody’s a fan of command line utilities. Thanks to ‘SilicaAndPina’ and his frontend for the tool you can use a simple GUI to get the job done.


What’s PSVIMGTOOLS-Frontend?

This utility for Windows, Linux and OS X makes using psvimgtools a breeze. You may extract and create backups and be able to use various easy installers amongst a lot of other stuff. Easy Installers are available for ARK-2, VHBL, hidden applications and some others. The fact that the hacks you can install via psvimgtools work on higher firmwares, makes it quite a good tool for non-HENkaku users.


What’s in this update?

This is what changed in this update:

  • On Windows, .cmabackup files will be automatically opened with psvimgtools-frontend.
  • The official Sony CMA and OpenCMA are now partially supported on Windows.
  • If you attempt to use the Skype Easy Installer, you’ll be asked if you wish to install it or not as it doesn’t work on Firmware 3.65
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements

As always, it’s recommended you update if you use this piece of software. The full changelog is provided below.


How do I get it?

Depending on your OS, the procedure is different. Simply download the file corresponding to your OS and install it depending on your OS. There’s also a 32-bit Windows version available (which is quite nice) and you can probably also compile from source code if you use Linux. Of course, you may check out the source code if you want to check it’s legitimacy if you’re still concerned about the developer (which you shouldn’t be).


Changelog and Download link:

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