PSPInstaller Adrenaline Edition

Developer spike_132000 has released an update to PSPInstaller, a utility for the PSP and the PS Vita (in Adrenaline) that lets you download and install PSP Homebrews directly on the console without the need for a computer.

In the author’s own words:

Hi guys, final version of PSPInstaller here for release! I know this has probably been superseded by the new Homebrew Installer that works from the Vita Side, so I thought I’d release this anyway. PSPInstaller is in my opinion, still the number one homebrew store for the PSP.

PSPInstaller is an application for the Playstation Portable games console that allows you to easily install homebrew, themes and more without the need of connecting your PSP to the computer. I have brought this project back after a decent amount of demand on Wololo /Talk. This final version of PSPInstaller is now guaranteed to be online for at least 2 years and more closely resembles PSPInstaller 6. If you find any bugs with the software, please drop me an email. []

Works on Phats, Slims, Brite’s and Go’s as well as under Adrenaline.

Download PSPInstaller

Download: (Click PSPInstaller Adrenaline Edition in the top left).

Just drop it into your PSP/GAME folder and away you go!

Source: Spike_132000 on /talk

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