PS4 System Software / Firmware 4.71

Following Sony’s previous PlayStation 4 OFW update, today they have put live PS4 System Software / Firmware 4.71 which according to the changelog is yet another stability update.

:stop: As always, it’s recommended NOT to update until PS4 developers have a chance to examine it as chances are it may patch either some recent PS4 MEME‘s or the Stack Clash vulnerability.


Download: PS4 Firmware 4.71 Update (US) / PS4 Firmware 4.71 Update (EU) / PS4 Firmware 4.71 Update (UK) / PS4 Firmware 4.71 Update (AU/NZ) / PS4 Firmware 4.71 Update (JP)

About PlayStation 4 system software version 4.71

Main features in version 4.71 update

  • This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

We’ll update this article once PlayStation 4 scene developers give it a peek and confirm if anything useful to the homebrew community has been patched, and those interested can give PSProxy another try in the meantime.

Cybergadget also confirmed their PS4 Save Editor works with 4.71 OFW, to quote roughly translated: “[For PS4 save editor] confirmed that can successfully use in system software 6/22 published [4.71]. We ask if future PS4 system software has been updated will orders save editor news page and our Web site before the update.”

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