PS4 Slim $212.49, 10% off digital games, ngày cuối PSN Sale – Cyber Monday |

Black Friday Video Game Deals – Highlights today:




Popular games on sale & new sales






PS4 Bundles

PS4 Slim uncharted bundle $239.99 via antonline on eBay (same bundle as the Amazon one above)

PS4 Slim uncharted bundle + Tomb Raider + Nathan Drake $249.99 via Newegg on eBay (probably the bast value for the price)

PS4 Pro $369.99 via antonline on eBay

Note: all retailers have the bundle for similar prices. Some retailers might add additional discounts or gift cards. Shop around!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Week deals – Still going on:

Awesome stocking stuffers in electronics:


Note: Steam link works perfectly fine on LAN, not so great on Wifi. For those of you who don’t want cables running all around the house, get a pair of powerline adapters: this technology leverages your existing electric installation to give you LAN-like network, and for some reason is completely underrated. The technology is mature, reasonably priced, and does wonders.


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