[PS4] PS4NES V1.01 Released: NES Emulator On PS4 Updates

The NES games arrive on PS4 thanks to the work of m0rph3us1987 with the new PS4 NES emulator. The hacking scene seems to have received a little boost from the flatz developer and the addition of the programming language support c # and OpenGL has opened a new “world” in the PS4 scene. PS4 NES (port of   LaiNES  ) is super fast with the Roma PAL NES, a little less with those NTSC due to the different NES NTSC clock. All this for the 5.05 PS4 firmware. For users waiting for a jailbreak on PS4 I advise you to stay at a firmware lower than 6.xx

Location Rom

  • Create a folder named  rom  in the root of your USB drive formatted with fat32 / exfat and insert the roms inside. Then connect the unit to the USB port of the PS4.



  • The position of the Rom can be specified in the configuration file.
  • The list of Roma can be scrolled.
  • Mapped selection button.
  • Small audio improvement.


PS4NES v1.01


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