Ps4 hỗ trợ danh sách các ổ cứng ngoài

We’ve reported on Setting Up a USB 3.0 External PS4 HDD on Firmware 4.50, Sony’s PS4 External HDD Restrictions, covered PS4 USB HDD with PSN Accounts and shared a tutorial on PS4 Apps and Games on an External HDD and here comes some USB 3.0 250GB-8TB external hard drive recommendations that can be used with the PlayStation 4!


Below is a summarized list derived from with various pricing and size details from the manufacturers and online retailers, as follows:

  • Seagate Backup Plus / Fast – available in 500GB at $49.99, 1TB at $54.99, 1.5TB at $74.00, 2TB at $79.99, 4TB at $119.00, 4TB Fast at $195.07 and 5TB at $159.99
  • WD My Passport – Ultra 1 (1TB) at $59.99, Ultra 2 (2TB) at $79.99, 3TB at $109.99 and available in 4TB at $119.99
  • Samsung P3 Portable – available in 500GB at $49.99, 1TB at $64.99, 2TB at $89.99 and 4TB at $179.99

If anyone has more PS4 hard disk drive suggestions for decent USB 3.0 External PlayStation 4 HDD’s feel free to share them in the comments below!

PlayStation 4 External Hard Disk Drive (USB 3.0 PS4 HDD) Listing.jpg

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