Pro Camera Vita released

The number of homebrew for the PSVita has been on the rise for quite a while but this homebrew is quite special. Pro Camera Vita is one of the first (if not the first) homebrew applications for the PSVita that makes use of the camera!


What’s Pro Camera Vita?

Pro Camera Vita is an application that makes the camera on your PSVita much more useful thanks to various features. The official Sony camera app is lacking at best since it doesn’t include much in terms of features except an aspect ratio changer.

Pro Camera Vita includes the following features:

  • Ability to display a Grid on your Vita’s screen.
  • Brightness and Contrast sliders.
  • Various white balance settings.
  • An aspect ratio slider (4:3 and 16:9 I think).
  • A night mode.
  • Different picture frames/borders.
  • Button to choose between the front-facing and back-facing camera.
  • Picture filters, namely Negative, Black and White, Sepia, Blue, Red and Green.
  • A gallery to view your pictures with directions on how to ‘import’ your pictures. ‘Imported’ pictures by the application’s directions will be in the “Pro Camera Vita” section in the “Screenshot” section in your gallery. You can copy the pictures to your computer/mobile device via FTP.

As you can see, this application provides a LOT of features over the stock camera application so I personally recommend that you start using this homebrew camera application over the stock one.

Pro Camera Vita in action! Yes, picture quality isn’t spectacular partly due to bad lighting conditions.

Hopefully in a future release, a video function will be added and the controls will change their direction when you hold your Vita in portrait mode.

Like Crazy Traffic Jam 3D, this homebrew also uses Lua Player Plus (by Rinnegatamante) as its Lua interpreter which shows how powerful LPP is.


While this is a great camera application, don’t expect that your PSVita’s camera will start taking spectacular pictures; remember, the PSVita’s cameras (both front and back-facing) are of VGA quality (0.3MP) and they can only take video at 60 fps @ 640×480 or at 120fps @ 320×240. That being said, the application gets you the most you can get out of the camera and it’s certainly going to replace the stock camera app as my default camera app.

To get this homebrew, you can download it straight off Vita Homebrew Browser on your Vita or you can get the VPK and install that on your PSVita. If you have any issues, report them to VitaHEX Games (user “big_Sakis25”) on Wololo /talk forums or Twitter!

Wololo /talk post (+ download link):

VitaDB link:

VitaHEX Twitter link (for further updates about their work):

VitaHEX Patreon link (if you wish to donate a few bucks monthly to support their homebrew!):

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