Play! PS2 Emulator forced to run on the Switch and L4T Lakka released; Reddit user creates cool PSVita Bootscreen alongside ElevenMPV 1.2.0 being released and first 1TB microSD card available for purchase, Steam Link Released for iOS

Sometimes, news comes in from right,left and center and today is one of those days as cool stuff happened in both the PSVita and Switch scenes! Other than that, a 1TB microSD card is available for purchase and Steam Link has finally landed on iOS!

Switch News: GBATemp User Forces Play! PS2 Emulator to run on Linux and L4T Lakka Released

Without a doubt, a console that many people dream of emulating on their portable devices is the PlayStation 2.

2 Day Round-Up: Play! PS2 Emulator forced to run on the Switch and L4T Lakka released; Reddit user creates cool PSVita Bootscreen alongside ElevenMPV 1.2.0 being released and first 1TB microSD card available for purchase, Steam Link Released for iOS

Emulating the PlayStation 2 on the Switch is kinda doable if you have the patience of a few saints 😉

As it stands, emulating it requires a fair deal of power but that didn’t stop GBATemp user ‘uyjulian‘ from attempting to run Play!, a PS2 emulator, on his Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the results weren’t exactly great as it’s been noted that:

  • Xenosaga Episode 1 runs at around 10FPS but he says that future speed-ups might increase the framerate to 30FPS
    • It’s important to note that the game runs at 20FPS on a PC (of unspecified specifications) so it may be Play!’s fault.
  • Another GBATemp user noted that Devil May Cry 3 ran at 10-20FPS which was said to be a somewhat playable experience
  • The above results were obtained with aarch64 JIT enabled which means that the emulator needs a lot of optimisations for any PS2 games to ever run well on the Switch
  • Apparently, the joycons don’t work and you need to overclock your Switch to the maximum frequency to get anything more than a slideshow which may not be safe to do in the long-term

With L4T Lakka, you get Vulkan support which improves Dolphin performance alongside a lot of other features!

As a result, it’s safe to say that full-speed PlayStation 2 emulation won’t be a thing on the Switch anytime soon but maybe, just maybe, some less-demanding games will be somewhat playable if Play! sees a lot of progress and speed-ups in the coming years!

On the other hand, an L4T (Linux 4 Tegra) version of the Lakka Linux distribution,which is aimed to be used with RetroArch emulation, has been released. This release, which shares numerous similarities with the recently-released L4T Ubuntu, has the following improvements over previous Lakka Switch releases:

  • Audio works through the headphones and internal speakers
  • The GPU driver now supports Vulkan
  • RAM is locked at full-speed which is 1600MHz as opposed to 800MHz before
  • Numerous stability improvements and the addition of Yaba Sanshiro (Saturn), Reicast (Dreamcast), mupen64plus-next and others.
  • The Dolphin core got Vulkan support which means that some titles, like Rayman 3, are now playable at full speed!

To grab L4T Lakka Switch, check out this link.

PSVita Releases: Reddit User SvenCuaresma creates classic PC boot screen for HENkaku Enso-enabled PSVitas and ElevenMPV 1.2.0 released

If you’re feeling nostalgic about your old Pentium-era PC, you can slap its bootscreen on your PSVita 🙂

For quite a while, it’s been possible to install a custom boot splash on your PSVita if it’s running FW 3.60/5 and various people have come up with cool ideas like the Windows 95 boot screen. Now, Reddit user SvenCuaresma has come up with a very nicely-made classic PC boot-up splash screen that can be easily edited and installed on your PSVita. In the Reddit thread describing his work, files for GIMP/ are provided so that you can modify/omit:

  • The logos
  • PSVita Model
  • Storage Capacity

ElevenMPV is an indirect port of the CyanogenMod/LineageOS Eleven Music Player which is the main theme with Joel16’s work

To grab this boot splash, check out this Reddit thread and follow the instructions to tailor it to your PSVita’s specifications!

On the other hand, ElevenMPV by Joel16 has been updated to version 1.2.0 with a couple of cool features which include a settings menu, proper saving of the last folder visited, support for displaying tag data (title, artist, genre etc) and some minor yet welcome UI improvements. To grab the latest version of ElevenMPV, you can open VHBB and get it from there or check its GitHub release page.


Obviously, all of these releases require space so if you’ve got $450 to spare, you should look at the 1TB microSD card linked above (link not affiliated with Wololo). More realistically, you can grab microSD cards of a lesser size like 128GB for manageable prices so perhaps you should look into one of those if you want to fill up your Switch with Wii, GameCube and Dreamcast games

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