Phần mềm thay đổi nút x và o cho psvita hack |

What is ButtonSwap

Ever got annoyed when you were playing a translated game like Kancolle Kai or IA/VT due to the fact you keep forgetting than in Japan X is O and O is X? Well fear no more! ButtonSwap allows you to solve that little problem with a bonus, you can choose which games it is active on! That makes it one of the must-have plugins for taiHENkaku, especially if you play Japanese imports/fanslated games often.

Instructions for ButtonSwap

  1. Put “buttonswap.suprx” in ‘tai’ folder in the root of your Vita.
  2. Change config.txt in that directory to load plugin for title of your choice by adding new lines like below:
    # titleid for your game (this one is for Root//Letter for example)
  3. After that just run the game and your buttons should be swapped (this would work only for this game).

Link :

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